Food is fuel. Learn about the science behind nutrition

Nutrition Counseling

Good nutrition is about maximizing your body’s health and potential. One eating plan does not fit all. Depending on your goals, body – likes and dislikes—together we can craft an eating plan that will work for you. If you hate chicken, you don’t have to eat chicken. If you love ice cream—we’ll fit it in.

Yes, you can eat ice cream…

As a chef (trained in Italy by Master Chef Maurizio Campolonghi), I know how delicious food can and should be. I know the pleasure it can bring. I also know the vast wellness that can be achieved by skillfully combining fitness and nutrition.

With a Ph.D. in Chemistry, I know that cooking IS chemistry; it is very precise and scientific on some levels – yet very creative on others. I understand the chemistry of the body—and how to maximize it.

As a former Professor of Sports Nutrition at Dominican University, I understand the intricacies of the body’s biochemistry, and how food improves health and performance. 

Proper nutrition can make a huge difference in all areas of your life, but only if it is sustainable. That’s why I’m committed to creating an eating plan that will work for you, excite you, and create results for the long term.

No matter your goals…

  • weight loss
  • performance/endurance
  • improved energy
  • better health

…We’ll develop customized nutrition plans that improve health and performance.

Ready to create change in your life? I’d love to help. Schedule a free consultation today.

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