Need a training schedule that’s customized to you?

Online Coaching

Sport-Specific Online Coaching Design

If you’re an athlete, you know that training for an event—is about more than following a generic schedule. It’s about taking your own personal situation, strengths, goals, and lifestyle into account. It’s about working through challenges and injuries that might arise along the way. By maximizing your workouts for your strengths, we’ll maximize your performance. I recommend using online training to supplement your once a week, in person workout.

Get your personalized workouts delivered electronically every day.

Your plan looks like a calendar and is smart-phone compatible. It will be based on your schedule, availability and goals. If you wish, it can include an eating plan.

  • POWER or HEART RATE Based Coaching
  • FREE initial coaching consultation
  • Weekly Power/Data Review
  • Goal setting specific to the individual athlete
  • Individualized Daily workouts delivered in a monthly format using Fitbot
  • Initial and periodic field testing to determine accurate work and recovery zones
  • Specific workouts including recovery, intervals, Power, Steady State, and pre-race preparation

Stay accountable.

To keep you accountable, you will log your metrics in the Fitbot calendar. 

Discuss what online coaching can help you achieve. Schedule a free consult today.