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Lucy G.

I knew professional training would help benefit me in sports which would help me reach my goals. I have been training with G for a few months. My goal is to play Division 1 softball in college. Training here makes me feel like I am getting somewhere. I feel like I am making progress to beat my competition and achieve my goals.


Giulia trained me for my first marathon a couple of years ago. She went above and beyond as a trainer and I left the experience with invaluable lessons that have served me well, not only in athletics, but in my everyday life. Proper training, the importance of nutrition, the need for rest (!) and most importantly, we are capable of doing MUCH more than we think. For these Giulia, I thank you!


I was skeptical when I started. I’ve used other trainers who simply walk from exercise to exercise counting my reps while adding no value to what I’m doing. G has been great – she customized the workouts to my needs, she works on my form, she has coached me through three injuries, and she has helped me understand what each part of my workout is trying to achieve. She really understands the theory, science and mechanics of physical fitness.

Dana C.

Giulia is an outstanding trainer. She has guided and encouraged me to reach my goals through workouts and nutritional counseling. Her knowledge of how our body and our mind responds to exercise has an all over impact on quality of life. Not only does she take my workouts seriously but she does so with humor and a motivational spirit. Calling Giulia for my first appointment a year ago was one of the best calls I’ve made!


I started working with Giulia a year ago and I’ve had such a positive experience. When I began working with Giulia it was after experiencing a running injury to my leg and I’ve continued working with her because of the awesome results. I feel positive every time that I work out with her that I am doing exercises that will help me become a stronger, healthier individual. Plus, I’m happy to say she’s helped get me back out on the streets running pain free!


Giulia is a great coach because she cares about you and is knowledgeable about body mechanics, nutrition and she has a tool box of exercises to keep you in shape. You will never get bored. Her educated blend of exercise and nutrition makes for maximum improvement. If you are recovering from an injury or trying to maximize your performance in a sport, she is the one that will get you there.

Anna R.


I learned about G through her work with my younger sister; I began working with her myself in the summer of 2017. I had returned from my sophomore year of college, and I had the goal of rebuilding my body and spirit after a few devastating illnesses and countless rounds of damaging antibiotics. Giulia helped me clarify my goals and helped me navigate the winding path to wellness, a path that we are still navigating to this day. Giulia has helped me learn how to properly fuel and rest my body in order to stay healthy. We have also worked on regaining my strength and stress reduction. I have met several dear friends and mentors in the few short months that I have been working with G. The studio is a place I look forward to going and I know that I will always walk out feeling better than I did when I walked in. I would recommend G and her services to anyone of any age who is motivated to live a healthier and happier life.

Joseph M.

I first started working with Giulia in 2011, when I was training to ride a century. She was a great help with that, but there were other bonuses: I lost 30 lbs. and have kept it off. I started a weekly workout program with her, and I felt much better.

In May, 2017, I started Giulia’s individualized program, in which she gives me workout routines for doing every day in the studio, except for one day of rest every week. This program has been a boon to me. I am in much better shape. The daily routine she emails me help me to be more disciplined in my efforts. I always feel better after completing my workout than before I start. My vulnerability to periodic depression has diminished considerably. Another plus: the studio for me has become a friendly community. I love the energy of the teens she trains, and I feel a camaraderie with the adults I see there frequently.

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