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Individual Coaching for Athletes of All Levels

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I came to Coaching by G so I could be a faster swimmer. I have been coming here for about one year. I think personalized training helps you a lot in your sport. My time in the studio makes me tired and strong.

This morning, I saw this quote on Instagram: “You need to hang out with people who fit your future, not your history.  Hang out with people who inspire you and force you to level up.” Of course, no one knows what the future holds—but we can hope and dream and I hope you are doing that especially right now!!!

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"Both my parents were athletes, my mother a triathlete and my father a football/rugby player. I have always been an active kid, however, I didn’t really get into sports until middle and high school. I did things like ballet and gymnastics, was “encouraged” to quit basketball and soccer in second grade because of my lack of engagement and coordination, and got DQ'ed from a swim race when I did TOPS swimming for doing butterfly style wrong.

Continue reading » Chicago.  While making some winter plans for myself, I have thought a lot about how we can make the most of this time.  It's a dreary time of year in Chicago for me. It's cold and gray and to my surprise, there is far less snow than I thought there would be when I moved here 15 years ago.  Wow...15 years!  I never imagined I would be in Chicago this long.  Since I opened Coaching by G on Chicago Avenue eleven years ago, a lot has changed, but here I am, wintering in place because there is a pandemic.  Little feels normal right now...whatever normal means.  In reality, our version of “normal” is just a construct.  We construct the things we need when we need them.  Isn’t that kind of fabulous? It is, and yet sometimes we construct things that don’t actually serve us well. 

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