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Freak Flag with Kathleen Smith

You're either growing or you're dying - Freak Flag Podcast Episode with Dr. Giulia Isetti

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After being injured over the summer, I knew that I could either go to physical therapy or work out to get my strength back. I have been training with G for two months. I play tennis all year round and I would like to get my strength up all around to become a stronger player.…

August is the month that ushers in so much loss for me. It is the month that school starts.  The summer months are full of kids back from college and high school kids lifting and learning in my studio. In August, though, there is an abrupt ending with kids leaving for college.  It is a... continue reading »

How I transformed my body and mind with the help of Coach G I started working with Coach G a little over a year ago after a good friend of mine suggested that I give it a try. In that time, I’ve learned a great deal about myself, both physically, and mentally, and with Giulia‘s... continue reading »

“We are all spiritually powerless, however, not just those who are physically addicted to a substance…….Alcoholics just have their powerlessness visible for all to see.  The rest of us disguise it in different ways, and overcompensate for our more hidden and subtle addiction and attachments, especially our addiction to our way of thinking.” Richard Rohr... continue reading »