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Grow. Accomplish. Win.

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I was constantly getting injured and was feeling depressed as an athlete. I wanted to feel confident in my athletic abilities. I have been training with G for 2 years. I love working out here. It’s therapy and exercise all in one. I love tracking my progression, learning from my failures, and celebrating my accomplishments.

Here I am, in my happy place, working on some very special offerings for 2024.  I am out here in New Mexico for a Fire Walk Retreat with my Breathwork teacher and about 40 other folks.  First of all, no, I have never burned my feet and still every time is another possibility for pain,... continue reading »

Hi Pumpkin! It Is Thanksgiving time here in the U.S. and I am reminded that GRATITUDE is possibly the greatest muscle I have. I try to exercise this muscle the most when I feel it the least. Thank you for reading my post! Thank you for being in my life, because if you are reading... continue reading »

Several months ago during the first cohort of my digital course, Fit From Within,  a client in the course who has been a client of mine in some capacity on and off for over 15 years, reminded me that I used to have a fitness class that everyone loved.  We laughed a lot and... continue reading »