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The Journey is the Goal

The Journey is the Goal

Live toward yourself.  Success is a journey not a destination.

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After being injured over the summer, I knew that I could either go to physical therapy or work out to get my strength back. I have been training with G for two months. I play tennis all year round and I would like to get my strength up all around to become a stronger player.…

“All streams flow to the sea.  It is lower than they are.  Humility gives it its power.”  -Lao Tzu I am an eternal optimist. I wear a t-shirt that states “The glass is ALWAYS full: 1/2 air, 1/2 water.”  Even on my darkest days, I know the next dawn will bring  renewal.

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"I've been working with Giulia for around 9 months now, and I'm so grateful to have her in my life. We've never even met in person! Though we're based in different states, we meet weekly via Zoom, and I always look forward to our appointments. Even over the phone, Giulia's enthusiasm for life is contagious, even - or perhaps especially - on those days when I'd rather go crawl in a hole. After a bad day or a bad week, one hour with her is like fueling up at the gas station, giving me a boost of energy to help me climb back out of my hole and continue on my journey.

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What are you up to in the world?”  This question was recently posed to me and it was food for thought. “Once a man was about to cross the sea.  A wise man tied a leaf in a corner of his robe and said to him: “Don’t be afraid.  Have faith and walk on the water.  But look here - the moment you lose faith you will drown.” -Sri Ramakrishna As above, so below.  As within, so without.  

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