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Grow. Accomplish. Win.

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I learned about G through her work with my younger sister; I began working with her myself in the summer of 2017. I had returned from my sophomore year of college, and I had the goal of rebuilding my body and spirit after a few devastating illnesses and countless rounds of damaging antibiotics. Giulia helped…

Lucy Goodwin, 18, and her grandmother Lynn Sheir are both Coaching by G clients:

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Do you know that feeling when you are looking for something to make you feel better? I don’t drink or use drugs and I rarely eat sugar; TV generally bores me and I don't play video games. I read, I like to garden, I work out, I cuddle (play?) with my dogs, I sit in my yard and I write, but sometimes none of my “go-to” activities do the trick. I still need that “something”.

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This is the day my momma Rose (Rosabel Rhodes Isetti), would have turned 87.  She was born August 18, 1934 and she left this Earth on August 26, 2019.  I miss her all the time and I am so GRATEFUL to still have my sister, Marina, and our daddy, Ampelio.  I have these touchstones of remembrance and connection that keep me grounded when I feel my insides take flight in reach of my mom.  I want to call her on my way home from work and hear her voice say, “Hi, my Peach”, just one more time. 

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