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Success is a journey, not a destination. And Coaching by G is about being there for you throughout your journey. In this blog, Coach Giulia not only shares fitness training and nutrition tips, but motivation and personal stories for inspiration.

Client Spotlight: Mari Wolkstein

Mari Wolkstein is a competitive hockey defensewoman. She is small but mighty.  It has been so much fun to watch this young athlete develop physically and emotionally. Mari has grit. She is determined with a deep sense of purpose.  She is an athlete who needs no external motivation, because her engine is fired deep within. That level of motivation, a strong inner force that causes behavior, is a rare quality in anyone – but especially someone of Mari’s age. Her athletic achievements are astounding. She is not only training with Coaching by G 4-6 days a week, but playing hockey as much, traveling to tournaments, a rockstar in the classroom, an avid reader, guitar player, and much more.  Mari is an example to everyone in the gym: she is not waiting for her life to happen, she is actively engaged in designing the life she wants. (Are you struggling with designing the life you want, specifically when it comes to diet? Here’s a whole bunch of nutritional know-how to help you harness the power of your biochemistry.)continue reading »

Diet Tips from a Personal Trainer

As summer approaches and bathing suit season looms large, inquiring minds what to know: what are some great diet tips from a personal trainer?

The best diet tip: nutrition is really a conversation about how you can harness the power of your own biochemistry given your immediate goals.  If your goal is sport performance, your nutrition strategy will be wildly different than it will be if your goal is fat loss, weight loss, healing from chemotherapy, healing from illness or injury, or something else…you get the idea. Each individual and his or her goal determines what diet is best. I know this is totally NOT the answer anyone wants to hear, right?  We all would love to know “the diet tip from a personal trainer” that will allow us to look great, feel great, perform better, have a great microbiome, have thick shiny hair and smooth skin, etc. As a personal trainer and coach, I can tell you first hand that “the diet” that works for everyone in every situation is the diet that you will stick to and that you choose with your coach.   continue reading »

A Youth Sports Coach Who Has “Been There”

I became a youth sports coach to help youth to become better athletes so that they can choose their own path; because that is what I needed when I was their age.

Do you, or the youth in your life, struggle with confidence, trusting the process, injury, understanding your own biochemistry, navigating life-sleep and nutrition and balancing academics, sport, and social life?  Me too! As a teen, I was unsure of what to eat to support the body and achieve the sport goals that I wanted. I had no understanding of the importance of quality sleep. My basketball, field hockey, and track coaches gave me conflicting advise for training and, as a teen, anything my parents offered I immediately dismissed because it came from them—I mean, what do parents know? :). continue reading »

Training: From Injury to Recovery

The road in training from injury to recovery can be long and arduous – and yet it is always an opportunity for growth. Injury is a great equalizer, because as human beings we all experience something that sidelines us. Whether you workout a lot or sit too much for your job, your body has to adapt to what you do.  Sitting all day does not prevent injury, in fact we know the opposite is true. Regardless of how you get injured, though, I am sure that it is not part of your plan and yet, injury is an opportunity to learn new ways to be in your body. How to get from injury to recovery is as individual as anything you do. While every injury is different, it is likely that there were signals along that way that you ignoredcontinue reading »

Client Spotlight: Joe McDonald

I still remember the first time I met Joe McDonald in 2011. He was skeptical. He wanted to cycle his first century at 71. We trained hard and we worked to change his eating to something that would actually fuel him, allow him to get leaner and stronger and feel healthy. He lost 35 pounds and has maintained his eating and his new weight to this day.  We created a sustainable change for him by finding the foods that actually make him feel vibrant. He had been eating multiple bagels in the morning, which left him feeling bloated and lethargic. The trick to his transformation was creating an awareness around the feelings he had after eating certain foods. It wasn’t me coaching him to stop eating all the foods he loved, it was was working together to notice what foods really made him feel great. The physical training, no matter how strenuous, is always so much easier when a person feels well. The gut is the key to all health, mental and physical. We are just beginning to understand the power of the gut microbiome and the roles it plays in creating neurotransmitters and other chemical signals that determine our overall health. continue reading »

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