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What is Life Coaching?

I help people gain confidence in their own intuition. Inside each of us we there is a deep knowing called intuition.  I encourage people to see their lives with their own heart.

The work of coaching is nurturing the spirit of the individual, igniting the power of each individual to listen to their own intuition, their spiritual as well as their own physical body.

Once a person acknowledges an emotional need, that can become the pivot point to something different, something better.  We have to learn to make choices in the ways that support our inner knowing.

Part of the human condition is always seeking a path to choice. Many people have a limiting belief that if they manifest enough external validation through achievement in grades, money, muscle, acceptance, winning, etc that once they have this “thing” or enough of these things that they will have created some protection against whatever imagined worse case scenario their mind produces.

But choice is an active ability. It only happens in the actual moment.  There is no protection. The feelings associated with choice are at once thrilling and threatening because choice means knowing we are responsible.

Fear is the treasure map to your super power.

You are here for a reason.  When you find the right reasons you will do whatever it takes.  A person will either move heaven and earth OR walk away.  But it’s a choice and getting clear on what you want is first.   Getting clear on WHY you want it is your motivation.

Most of us stop at WHAT.

“I want to lose 10 pounds.”  Why? How will your life be different when you lose 10 pounds?

When you can honestly answer that question you have your motivation.

What I have learned in 20+years of coaching people is that when someone wants to change, it’s not about 1 thing.  When change happens it cracks everything open.

This is the thing that keeps most people in their stuck states.  They cannot envision the future without the past.  If they keep things status quo—they have a pretty significant idea of how to do it because, hey, they are doing it now!

But if they step into the abyss, the not knowing, the letting go, then fear takes over.

As a coach my job is to walk you to the edge until you feel confident to take the step into the not knowing.  But the place of not knowing is actually where we ALWAYS are—we just trick ourselves into thinking we do know because we project the past onto the future.

When you allow yourself to dream, you grow.

When you allow yourself to let go of limiting beliefs like “I may be a diabetic but I am really rich.” Or “I may be poor but at least I have my health.”

I challenge you to shift those ideas.  Who says it is either or?  Where is it written that I can have health OR wealth?

These are just a few examples of real life limitations that people live with daily.

When a person comes to me to say they want to lose weight, or get strong, or compete, or change anything I want to know why.  How will your life be different once you have the thing?

And the work ensues.  It’s almost never about getting the job, the six pack abs, the win, the scholarship……its about how you think you will feel when you achieve it.  I help you find the capacity to feel it now.

When you believe it you will see it.

Who needs Life Coaching?

Anyone who wants to change any aspect of their life.

Life Coaching Includes:

  • Weekly hour long sessions with Giulia Isetti, Ph.D.
  • Clear goal setting including how to set goals and why.
  • Homework and accountability.

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