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“I’ve never felt more grounded and yet I also felt that I was floating! That is the first time my mind has ever been quiet.”

— J.R. Oak Park Breathwork client.

Holding space for people through the breathwork is the most powerful way I know to help people heal themselves. Life is a healing journey for each of us. Our wounds, however they arise, are ours, specifically. Our wounds tend to heal one layer at a time and they continue to show up until we make peace with them. The self love journey is the journey of every person lucky enough to have landed here on this planet. Our Mother Earth holds us and grounds us and still we take flight expecting it to be better somewhere else than where we were planted. We can move, but can never leave our true home; our heart. There is a path to forgiveness that only you know and only you can find.

We cannot break open the acorn and find an oak tree. Still, we know the great big Burr Oak is INSIDE the acorn. Where is it? How do I find it?

Let it grow.
Water it.

Plant it in the richest soil and give it the nutrients it needs to grow; water, sun, minerals, shade, full cycles of night and day, moon and sun in equal measure. We must plant ourselves in rich soils, not in a physical location, but with people, locations, situations, land that calls us home. How does one find home?

This is the conundrum. There is no map to get there, but you know it when you find it.
You must be seeking, with great faith, the peace that is yours already.
Your life is in you and through you and for you.
Your breath is always with you. Your breath can bring you home when feeling lost.

I would love to help you heal through your own breath. I don’t have anything to give you that you don’t already have, but I can guide you home towards yourself.

The session is 90 minutes. I will explain everything as we go. All you need to bring is a blanket, and eye pillow if you like, and an open heart and mind!

Before and during the session, Giulia will talk about the Root Causes of pain, illness, disease. If you are having difficulty with a particular area we can address it in the session, if you are willing.

“Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts.”

— Thich Nhat Hanh

Benefits of Breathwork

Quiet your thoughts
Increase clarity & memory
Increase creativity & inspiration
Stop addictive behavior
Eliminate unhealthy thought patterns
Create greater calm

Alkalize your cells & release toxins
Release muscle tension
Improve digestion
Lose weight
Lower blood pressure
Improve sleep
Relieve chronic pain
Increase energy
Improve immune system

Increase emotional peace
Elevate your mood
Heal depression and anxiety
Feel self love
Create self-acceptance
Increase calm
Remove fear
Eliminate unhealthy behavior

Increase self mastery
Know your true self
Fulfill your full potential
‘Lighten’ Up
Learn who you truly are
Remove negative blocks
Find your connection
Manifest your dreams

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