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Individually Designed Fitness

Feeling stuck in your current training regime? Using random online training plans not suited for you? Looking for structure and a professional to meet you where you are and hold you accountable? It’s time to try an individually designed fitness program!

Why Try This Type of Program?

The health and fitness industry can be tough to navigate. It is especially tough to find a plan that works for you and sticking with it. By taking advantage of Individually Designed Fitness at Body by G Coaching By G, you will receive a personalized training plan suited for your goals. Individually Designed Fitness is suitable for anyone looking to uplevel their game. Clients of all ages and ability ranges, from professional athletes to those looking to regain their health, have benefitted from an individualized fitness program.

What Does Individually Designed Fitness Look Like?

Programming is different for every individual, but Individually Designed Fitness is not one-on-one personal training or group fitness. It is a health and fitness blueprint curated just for you. Your program will be expertly designed by Giulia Isetti, Ph.D. to meet you at your level and help you work towards your goals. Your program will be composed of a dynamic and exciting set of exercises that change each day and evolve as you do. You will also have an expert coach monitoring and assisting your progress. Having a coach to guide you along your health and fitness journey is paramount. A coach will look at where you stand in relation to your goals and map out a path for you to achieve them.  A coach will be able to evaluate injuries or any other limitations and tailor a personal program to work past those issues. In addition, having a coach ensures that you will always be held accountable in your training. The trust and support a coach provides along with the personally tailored Individually Designed Fitness plan ensures a complete, well-rounded personal fitness regime.

Coaching by G’s Individually Designed Fitness Program Includes:

  • Fully personalized programming and coaching based on your goals and abilities. Our expert coach will write a program, including both nutrition and exercise, that is designed specifically for YOU. ­
  • Weekly delivery of your individually designed fitness programming, with plenty of available times to hit the gym floor and work.
  • Initial Nutritional Consultation and ongoing nutritional monitoring and support.
  • Daily floor coaching hours designed for to give you the most exposure and access to our expert coaching staff.
  • Accountability through personal or remote consults every 4­-6 weeks as needed. These help to stay on track and tuned in to training needs, progress tracking, exercise and diet plan. They’re also helpful for checking in with your coach regarding lifestyle changes that come up throughout a given week/month.
  • Full access to our top notch facility, including weightlifting, weight training, cardio, and gymnastic equipment. The facility is designed to fulfill your needs for strength, conditioning, endurance, weight loss, and general fitness.
  • Use of our TrueCoach software for progress tracking and reporting.


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