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speaking on fitness and nutritionGiulia’s Inspiration for Speaking on Fitness and Nutrition

Dr. Giulia Isetti first moved to Chicago in 2006 after accepting a postdoctoral research position in molecular genetics and biochemistry at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  She worked in the laboratory developing anticoagulants — chasing the goal of better health through scientific research but was unfulfilled.  In 2009, she changed her focus from “drug design” to “human design”—by teaching people about the infinite power of their own biochemistry.

Powerful, life-altering change in health and performance is possible, regardless of a person’s starting point. Dr. Isetti knows first-hand this is true-she changed her body, losing over 100lbs in her mid-twenties.

We are not fated to futures ruled solely by our genetics, our families or our current lifestyles. We have all the tools we need to steer our personal ships—and we get to choose the “vessel” we travel within throughout our lives.

Giulia now knows that coaching, educating, and speaking on fitness and nutrition is her true calling. Supported by her formal education and background in biochemistry, she thinks about overall health and performance from the inside out, from the cellular level up.  And her passion is to inspire and empower people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to find their inner motivation and then provide them with the tools they need to achieve greatness in life and sport.

Creating change from the inside out that has a lasting impact, requires a very holistic approach. Giulia knows just how to meet people “where they are” and it is paramount to her process to include the whole person; as she says- we are much more than just our physical bodies. With a firm yet gentle approach and a dose of humor, she cultivates strong relationships built on trust and accompanies her clients on their journey towards health, wellness, and happiness. To learn more about Dr. Isetti, visit her LinkedIn profile.

Invite Dr. Isetti to Speak: Harness the Infinite Power of Your Biochemistry

Dr. Isetti’s speaker and presentation training come from a variety of platforms and experiences over the past 25+ years.  A natural presenter with the ability to connect her audience, Giulia has honed her skills by sharing information from her academic research, teaching graduate-level coursework, Ph.D. dissertation, various workshops, and visioning sessions and seminars.

Genetics loads the gun, but lifestyle pulls the trigger.

From graduations and community events to leading corporate wellness seminars, Dr. Isetti is ready to speak on fitness and nutrition at your event to inspire and remind you that genetics loads the gun, but lifestyle pulls the trigger. You have the power to harness your biochemistry.


Dr. Isetti’s deep subject-matter knowledge combined with her ability to connect to an audience allows her to share complex material in such a way that a novice or layperson will find it interesting and revelatory.

Each of us can design our future body inside and out through simple choices. Learn what micro shifts create huge positive momentum.  Small daily choices can create lasting change. It is our decisions, not our conditions that shape us.

Dr. Isetti helps people understand how their own body works as it pertains to the complexity of the systems that support health and wellness. The overall goal and objective of her talks is to demystify how to generate optimal health and wellness. She weaves in  stories about personal experience to help others understand the key to wellness is that we get to choose our body; every decision each of us makes along the way has a consequence at all life ages/stages. Myths such as “I can’t change my genes” or “I am young, I can do what I want” can prevent people from making positive changes towards optimal health.  Learn how your choices promote or destroy your chances of living your best life.

It is never too late to start living toward yourself!

Key points the audience will learn from Dr. Isetti speaking on fitness and nutrition:

  • Micro-steps to a healthier lifestyle that are easy to implement, including methods to create the best sleep, nutrition, and movement for your lifestyle.
  • Chronic disease is not inevitable. Each of us is in charge of our health and our outcomes. Predisposition does not equal destination. It will also give ideas for managing an already existing chronic illness.
  • Equanimity is the groundwork to effective change: How to create a powerful mental mindset that supports you.