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About Me, Coach G, Giulia Isetti, Ph.D.

fitness coach qualificationsCoaching is my most important calling. To me, it is more than simply my job and business. My passion is inspiring and empowering people of all ages and backgrounds to find their inner motivation and achieve greatness in life and sport. Through this approach, I cultivate strong relationships with my clients and guide them to their greatest potential.

If you are seeking change in your life, I know first-hand that it is possible. If you are seeking a higher level of health and fitness, weight loss, beating your fastest marathon time, or changing sports completely, I can help. My philosophy is creating change from the inside out. Through this holistic approach, I make a lasting impact. With a firm, yet gentle style, my clients say I provide support, encouragement, and a welcome dose of humor when they need it. I meet my clients where they are.

It is important to me that I include the whole person in my coaching. I accompany my clients on their journey towards health, wellness, and happiness. It is through strong relationships that I can manage and guide people to achieve their greatest potential.

Personal Qualifications:

  • I have coached for 20 years, with my own business for 10
  • I’ve lost 100+ pounds and changed my life.
  • I have competed in Fitness (Crossfit), Olympic weightlifting, cycling, running, triathlon, swimming
  • I’ve played and coached basketball, field hockey, running, cycling, swimming, and triathlon
  • I’ve been trained as a chef with Master Chef Maurizio Campolonghi in Italy.
  • I have taught Chemistry, Biochemistry, Cooking, Nutrition and Sports Nutrition at University.
  • I’ve improved the lives of hundreds of clients. Read about their experiences.

Professional Fitness Coach Qualifications:


  • B.S. Chemistry (emphasis in Biochemistry) May 2001, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY.
  • M.S. Chemistry December 2005, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY.
  • Ph.D. Chemistry June 2006, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY.

Professional Societies:

But enough about my accomplishments… Let’s get started on yours.

Roadie Isetti

Roadie the dogRoadie loves to play ball more than anything, though snuggling runs a close second. If you are benching especially heavy he can be counted on to drop a slobbery tennis ball right in your lap. He is an amazing athlete who embodies the training principle that “power comes from repose”. Roadie embraces life with unbridled joy. He provides an example of how to approach life with positivity and the highest standards.

Lillie Anne Isetti

Lillie the Dog“Coach Lillie” is the real Olympic weightlifting coach at Coaching by G. She has a trained eye for functional movement. You may think her eyes are closed, but she sees every move and is never without commentary. She has a very hands-on approach to coaching: many clients can attest to having her in their lap whilst performing any exercise on the floor. Shares hair freely.

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