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In all honesty, I had to be dragged ‘kicking and screaming’ to Giulia. In the first 71 years of my life, I have managed to avoid a personal trainer. My wife talked me into it. I went to Giulia to prepare for my first-century bike ride (one of those bucket list things) and got so much more. I totally changed my diet and my thinking about nutrition, lost 35 lbs, got physically stronger than I have been in years…and did the century with ease. Seldom in life do we experience such unexpected personal transformations.

J. C.

Giulia has been a partner in our entire family’s fitness and nutrition needs for over two years. In this time she has counseled our daughters on their nutritional needs as student athletes, and my wife and I worked with Giulia for the development of personalized, goal-oriented classes and routines suited to each of our interests. For the last two winters I developed a much stronger base for the cycling season, improved form on the bike and had a great time learning and working out with other cyclists. Giulia brings a scientist’s rigor and understanding, a coach and mentor’s motivation and an infectious enthusiasm for life to all she does with her clients and friends. Bravissimo!

A Happy Client

In my experience, trainers are a bit like voodoo doctors. Do exactly this and exactly that and I’ll put a spell on you to make you fitter. Not Giulia though. She really understands the physiology and the psychology of becoming fitter and faster. It’s hard work but you work with her not for her, with regular feedback and consistent attention throughout. Excellent experience all around. Highly recommended.


I would best describe Giulia’s approach as energetic, motivational and results driven with the bonus of making it balance with the real world challenges we all face.


Giulia’s approach to coaching is perfect for me, she provides a very specific and scientifically-designed training calendar, but at the same time is able to give me lots of personal advice to supplement the workout schedule. Her approach is rigorous but also adaptable to my busy work and family life. She’s made me a better cyclist and I enthusiastically endorse her coaching services.

Joseph M.

I first started working with Giulia in 2011, when I was training to ride a century. She was a great help with that, but there were other bonuses: I lost 30 lbs. and have kept it off. I started a weekly workout program with her, and I felt much better.

In May, 2017, I started Giulia’s individualized program, in which she gives me workout routines for doing every day in the studio, except for one day of rest every week. This program has been a boon to me. I am in much better shape. The daily routine she emails me help me to be more disciplined in my efforts. I always feel better after completing my workout than before I start. My vulnerability to periodic depression has diminished considerably. Another plus: the studio for me has become a friendly community. I love the energy of the teens she trains, and I feel a camaraderie with the adults I see there frequently.

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