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What you don’t change you choose.

During the shutdown, I had a few experiences that were really painful and I remember distinctly beginning to complain about those experiences.  And then I said to myself  “Well, Giulia, what you don’t change, you choose.“ 

So I chose to change…… and that is how I bought a commercial property for Coaching by G! (more…)

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Afternoon classes for teens 

Monday-Thursday 3:30 PM and Saturdays – noon Central time.

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One on One sessions with Coach G for current coaching clients:

Text or call 708-267-7173 to schedule.

Have you been unable to create a schedule that keeps you moving toward your goals?  Has it been challenging to set up a home workout space? Are you watching too much TV or spending too much time online? Eating the wrong foods or too much of even the right foods? Sitting too long and feeling stiff? Are you simply uninspired?

Now is the time to schedule a series of one-on-one sessions with Coach G to keep you inspired on your journey.   Text or call 708-267-7173.

New Clients:

Ready to embark on a meaningful journey toward self-improvement through fitness, nutrition, and mindful living?  Sign up for a free Zoom or phone consultation HERE.

I’m excited to get you started on living your best life now. 

I have been doing remote coaching for years and am adept at online coaching assessments and workouts. TrueCoach allows us to assign video programming and check-in with you day-to-day.  

In the midst of this global crisis, the uncertainty is real for everyone.  Embrace the here and now by improving your life, regardless of the situation.  Your new habits will accompany you into the future. Now is the time to create them, with the motivation and guidance of an experienced, inspiring coach.

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