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Vision Boards WORK

Here is what two teens have said about their experience creating a vision board with Coaching by G:

“My vision board acts as a constant reminder of my goals and aspirations. I have it hanging on my door to keep me focused on what my values are. Everything is on that board for a reason, and every time I read the board it reminds me of something that I can do to make me a better, happier, and more oriented person!” – Brynne West, Mission Hockey U14 Fenwick Freshman

“Creating vision boards has been a great opportunity for me to be able to reflect on the goals I’m striving towards and things that inspire me and lay them all together in an aesthetic space. I love looking at my wall and seeing the places I want to travel, times I want to swim, quotes that inspire me, and people who make me happiest whenever I walk into my room. A vision board is even more rewarding to look at when you can take complete credit for its creation!! Vision boards work as tools to ground you in your goals as well as push you towards your dreams in all areas of your life. I love my vision board and am constantly adding new pictures on it which mirror my new goals as the years go by. Honestly, having a vision board that I made in Gs studio has been super rewarding for me and has helped change the way I approach setting goals and visualizing a future I want to create!” – Natalie Ungaretti, University of Tennessee Swimming, freshman.


The scale shouldn’t dictate the attitude.

I was delighted to hear from a few of you in regard to my last blog–thanks for your responses and for your willingness to try something new…ignoring the scale! The scale is one of those things, like social media, that can give us immediate permission to sink into negative thinking simply due to a number. And we don’t need permission to feel good, just do it–without checking on the scale or the number of likes and followers. I’m glad to have elicited some thoughts and agreement, but please feel free to respond if you disagree as well.

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Client Spotlight: Eric Peck

“The only thing constant in our lives is change.  Aware of it or not, our bodies are constantly changing, adapting to what we consciously or unconsciously do or not do with our bodies, what we give it for fuel or what we neglect to give it for fuel. 

At 54, I have gone through many cycles of being in both good and poor condition. I have been training on and off for 40 years with some large peaks, some large valleys, and overall more peaks than valleys.  However, in the last few years, I was having difficulty getting into a solid, regular workout routine. Fortunately, I happened upon Giulia. 

I learned that she was a coach with multiple training certifications and that she competes. She suggested I come into her gym so she could “push me around a bit” and offered to help me with dietary issues. I didn’t want to go in there being out of shape, I wanted to get going on my own so that there would be something for her to push around.  But when I realized that I was not doing anything on my own I decided to give Giulia a go. That was the toughest part.” – Eric Peck, Coaching by G client

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