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Keeping Healthy Habits During a Pandemic


“A journey of a thousand steps must begin with a single step.” Lao-tzu

In light of the current situation with the COVID-19 viral scare, a piece about healthy habits – and specifically keeping healthy habits during a pandemic – is just what the doctor ordered. As a PhD Biochemist, I am up to date on the available literature regarding the virus and know a lot about viruses in general.  Without going into the mechanisms of viral infection, I would love to remind everyone that the best defense is a great offense–especially in the case of a virus. If you are healthy, your job is to stay healthy. If you are unfortunately in the midst of an illness, especially cancer treatment and any and all respiratory illness, please follow the orders from your attending physician.  This blog is not intended to be a cure recommendation; it is a reminder to maintain or begin or keep healthy habits that support your immune system.

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Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Athletic Teens and Advice from an Experienced Coach

lifestyle tips for athletic teens

Many people have a strongly held belief that youth can erase the effects of bad habits – insufficient sleep, junk food, poor movement. I (Coach G) specialize in coaching athletic teens across the US and Mexico. I am often confronted with a level of misinformation surrounding the topic of adolescent health that has helped me to clarify key lifestyle tips for athletic teens. First and foremost, know that no person can outrun bad choices. You are what you repeatedly do.

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Believe It or Not, Body Fat Can Be a Blessing

body fat can be a blessing

I bet when you count your blessings you don’t think “wow, my body fat is such a blessing!”  And for sure, I am not going to say that excess fat is what you want. I am saying that body fat can be a blessing – and that counting your blessings is key to any transformational process.  

Body fat is a brilliant, biological and evolutionary component that has been key to our very survival as a species.  It stores energy, insulates us, and protects our vital organs. Additionally, as modern humans, body fat can be a blessing because it gives us a point of awareness and therefore can help move us closer to body acceptance.  

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