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Client Spotlight: Mari Wolkstein

Mari Wolkstein is a competitive hockey defensewoman. She is small but mighty.  It has been so much fun to watch this young athlete develop physically and emotionally. Mari has grit. She is determined with a deep sense of purpose.  She is an athlete who needs no external motivation, because her engine is fired deep within. That level of motivation, a strong inner force that causes behavior, is a rare quality in anyone – but especially someone of Mari’s age. Her athletic achievements are astounding. She is not only training with Coaching by G 4-6 days a week, but playing hockey as much, traveling to tournaments, a rockstar in the classroom, an avid reader, guitar player, and much more.  Mari is an example to everyone in the gym: she is not waiting for her life to happen, she is actively engaged in designing the life she wants. (Are you struggling with designing the life you want, specifically when it comes to diet? Here’s a whole bunch of nutritional know-how to help you harness the power of your biochemistry.)continue reading »

Client Spotlight: Joe McDonald

I still remember the first time I met Joe McDonald in 2011. He was skeptical. He wanted to cycle his first century at 71. We trained hard and we worked to change his eating to something that would actually fuel him, allow him to get leaner and stronger and feel healthy. He lost 35 pounds and has maintained his eating and his new weight to this day.  We created a sustainable change for him by finding the foods that actually make him feel vibrant. He had been eating multiple bagels in the morning, which left him feeling bloated and lethargic. The trick to his transformation was creating an awareness around the feelings he had after eating certain foods. It wasn’t me coaching him to stop eating all the foods he loved, it was was working together to notice what foods really made him feel great. The physical training, no matter how strenuous, is always so much easier when a person feels well. The gut is the key to all health, mental and physical. We are just beginning to understand the power of the gut microbiome and the roles it plays in creating neurotransmitters and other chemical signals that determine our overall health. continue reading »

Client Spotlight: Casey Ford

Casey Ford – an OPRF senior heading off to Lafayette Colleg in the fall – wrote this:

“I started working out with G when I was in 5th grade, at about ten years old. I was born with a very rare connective tissue disorder, and the most impactful fact of that disorder on my physical health is my lack of kneecaps. I worked with G up until around early high school. I began walking with a cane because of my disorder, and mentally I struggled with it. I convinced myself it was better to just sit down and do nothing, I accepted the inevitability of my loss of motion…. continue reading »

My Process and the Coach and Client Relationship

I’ve been athletic my whole life. I was born moving. I derive energy from movement–physical, mental, and emotional energy. The times in my life when I have deprived myself of opportunities to move have been the times of deepest suffering. When I was 24 was one of those times. I had become a prominent chef in one of the best restaurants in Louisville, and was not exercising. I had “dedicated” my time to becoming a great chef, and was working continually. I gained a bunch of weight and felt miserable.

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