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A Happy Client

I feel like I have my life back since I have been working with Coach G. I have trimmed off 50 lbs in the past year. I am so much stronger than I have ever been. I am doing things I would have never thought possible before. Coach G also gave me a great nutrition plan that I still follow today. It is a plan I can live with long term. I am still working on losing more and getting stronger. G has been so motivating for me. Coach G is tremendously knowledgeable in all areas of exercise and nutrition. Coach G’s plan for me was personalized and extremely effective. G changes it up frequently and pushes you to the next level. I have never had a boring work out. She is everything you would want in a coach. I have even brought my children to workout with her as well.


I would best describe Giulia’s approach as energetic, motivational and results driven with the bonus of making it balance with the real world challenges we all face.

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