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What’s your BHAG?

BHAG (Acronym): Big Hairy Audacious Goal

Used in a sentence: “Getting to the Olympics is a BHAG!” A term coined by Jim Collins, BHAGs can be daunting, exciting, motivating, and devastating. A perfect example for today: the process of training to make it to the Olympics.

Entrepreneurs and individuals often set huge goals for themselves. As a society, we encourage each other to reach for the stars. But, let’s take a step back. How does a someone accomplish their big hairy audacious goal? How do you stay motivated? How does one avoid the disappointment of feeling that goal slip out of reach?

It’s all about the process!

Recently, NY magazine produced an article about Olympians and their goals. I highly endorse giving it a read. But the summary, for those with a short attention span (myself included): Setting those huge goals can have a number of unintended negative consequences; cheating or cutting corners to reach the destination, or giving up altogether. Focus on what you need to do in the immediate future: today, this week, this month. Create your goal, and then “forget about it,” and immerse yourself in the work it takes to get there. Sometimes, even Olympians fall short of their stated goal. In the case of the Olympian in our story, Brenda Martinez, she was tripped from behind by a competitor. Not something she could have accounted for! But, she refocused her energy on her process, and made it to the Olympic team with the next event.

So, focus on the process.

As you accomplish milestones on the way to your goal, you’ll get the encouragement and positive feedback you need to continue and remain motivated.

Still feeling lost? Ask yourself WHY you are making these goals, and WHY you are putting your process in place. Work with me, and we’ll figure out, together: what’s at the heart of your goal, and what’s at the heart of your process. Eventually, those daily challenges and decisions will become a non-issue. Avoiding ice cream, beer, etc., will become second nature if it doesn’t fit with your BHAG! We’ll focus on the WHY of your BHAG, and craft an individual PROCESS that works FOR you, not against you.

I started my business to help people change their lives and become their best selves. It’s not just about one race, or one competition. It’s about those daily wins, lifting a little heavier, eating a little better. Let’s take advantage of this exciting time of year in the sports world to recommit to ourselves and our goals; I’ll help you create a process you can maintain, and keep you accountable. You’ll reach those goals before you know it.

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