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Youth Sports: Why Would Kids Need a Coach?

Youth training

Youth sports are crucial for developing character and confidence in kids. In many cases, kids fall in love with a sport and are motivated to continue to play in college and beyond. Many parents may question: “Why would I hire a personal trainer for my kid?”. Training outside of the actual sport is critical for developing the strength and stamina needed to remain injury free. When kids work with me, they are able to learn how their body moves best and become confident in that movement. They find a greater sense of body confidence and are able to trust their bodies to perform at a high level.

When I work with kids I also help them build sleep and nutrition habits that will serve them for the rest of their lives. We work on building healthy techniques to reduce stress such as meditation. In addition, I teach them how to properly fuel and rest their bodies so that they can perform their best in school and sport.

One of the most critical aspects of training youth is the emotional safety net they gain when they have an adult in their life that they trust. This safety net allows them to act fully themselves and learn how to embrace who they really are. My studio is a safe place where kids can learn from people both older and younger than them and develop meaningful, lasting relationships.

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