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Spring is the BEST Time to Start a Training Program

best time to start a training program

We live in Chicago where weather is a fickle thing. Here we are in April with snow AND THEN 80’s!  Summer is actually coming and with it, the desire to wear less clothing.  That means looking at parts of your body that have been covered up for months. And that means it is the best time to start a training program!

Coaching by G can help you with changing the tone of your muscle, your movement patterns, and your nutrition strategy to lose some fat and build some muscle.

First we will have a conversation about your actual goals.  You may be a teen coming off of your season ready to work on the weaknesses you discovered during the season, or ready to accumulate some more strength and/or speed for your sport.  Maybe you are a parent who spends so much time devoting your life to your job and your family that you have neglected to care for yourself.  Our job at Coaching by G is to help you meet the goals you have for yourself.

Sign up for a free consultation here. Come in and see what Coaching by G can do for you today! Spring into this summer with a strong and healthy body!

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