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What I Took Away From My Weekend With Tony Robbins

When I saw Tony Robbins was hosting “Unleash the Power Within” here in Chicago, it was a no brainer for me to attend. Unleash the Power Within is a 3.5 day personal improvement conference hosted by New York Times best selling author and life coach Tony Robbins. As Tony Robbins says, “There is always room in your life for thinking bigger, pushing limits, and imagining the impossible.”

I believe that hunger defines success. I have had such a wonderful life of learning, growing and exploring new fields including sports, music, cooking, biochemistry and coaching.  I know that coaching is my true calling and I would be remiss not to take as many opportunities as possible to become the best coach I can be.  So much of what I help people with is transformation; whether a client wants to gain or lose mass, get better at sport or life, become a collegiate athlete, compete at a new level, begin a fitness journey—all of these have change in common.  How do we change?  That is why I chose to attend Unleash the Power Within. My business strives to help others unleash the power within themselves.

There were so many memorable moments in the long hours spent at the United Center over the weekend.  One of them was the Firewalk. Yes. We walked on fire-2000 degrees Fahrenheit.  HOT!

“How do you do it?”, people asked me afterward.  Like anything. You just do it. You decide what you are going to do, get yourself energized, use language that reflects the meaning and emotion of what you desire to change and take massive action. Explain what this means: this can sound like jargon to someone who does not know Tony Robbins. This how we did it.  Some people burned their feet, for sure.  I didn’t. Why is that? I think some people’s feet were blistered because it was fire. Some people got burned because they just didn’t really believe they could get across without burning.

What I have learned from coaching hundreds of people is – if you don’t think you can, you’re always right!

At Unleash the Power Within, we learned about what makes us tick as individuals by delving into our basic needs and how we meet them.  We then determined how those were changing throughout the weekend. We did this with the guidance of Tony Robbins story telling elaborate more on what makes his story telling great.   We meditated with Master Co and heard personal accounts of transformation from Siri Lindley, Wim Hof (The Ice Man), Jennifer Hudson, and Mark Hyman, M.D. to name a few.

Storytelling is a huge component of change. The stories we tell ourselves shape our lives.  Two people can have the same experience and tell a very different story.  What you will focus on, you will feel. When you work with a professional coach at Coaching by G, you will learn how to tell your own story. You can rewrite your story to find meaning in countless ways. You can learn how to move with intention, choose foods that fuel your body, and practice mindful meditation. By rewriting your story, you will be able to find the empowering meaning in everything and live towards yourself.

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