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Client Spotlight: Joe McDonald

I still remember the first time I met Joe McDonald in 2011. He was skeptical. He wanted to cycle his first century at 71. We trained hard and we worked to change his eating to something that would actually fuel him, allow him to get leaner and stronger and feel healthy. He lost 35 pounds and has maintained his eating and his new weight to this day.  We created a sustainable change for him by finding the foods that actually make him feel vibrant. He had been eating multiple bagels in the morning, which left him feeling bloated and lethargic. The trick to his transformation was creating an awareness around the feelings he had after eating certain foods. It wasn’t me coaching him to stop eating all the foods he loved, it was was working together to notice what foods really made him feel great. The physical training, no matter how strenuous, is always so much easier when a person feels well. The gut is the key to all health, mental and physical. We are just beginning to understand the power of the gut microbiome and the roles it plays in creating neurotransmitters and other chemical signals that determine our overall health.

Joe has maintained his fat loss and he competed that first century (100 mile bike ride) and a few more.  He has since turned his focus toward building strength and maintaining mobility. Joe will be turning 79  in a few weeks. He continues to amaze me with his dedication to training 5 days a week with me and his willingness to learn new skills and try new things.  My goal as his coach is to always meet him where he is in his ability and his goals and to continue to guide him toward growth. We do not grow old, after all, but when we stop growing we become old.  Joe’s chronological age may be 79 but he is growing and learning everyday. One of the coolest things to see is how he relates to the young people in the studio. He attended Fenwick High school, where he played football.  Many of the youth athletes we train also attend Fenwick and play sports there. The relationship that Joe has fostered with many of these youth is really amazing for everyone involved, not the least of whom is me! I love having a gym that supports the community! Our clients range for 11-83 years of age and many days that spectrum is in full view.  Come join us as we grow together, each toward their own specific goals for fitness supporting each other with laughter and encouragement. Stay strong with Coaching by G!

-Giulia Isetti, Ph.D.

“There are several reasons that I have “run” with Giulia for almost eight years. It’s good for my 79-year-old body and brain, and it improves my mood since I’m vulnerable to occasional bouts of depression. Getting daily workouts delivered to my inbox to do in the gym makes up for my, sometimes, lack of self-discipline. Also, although I’m not in one on one training, Giulia always has me “in the corner of her eye,” making sure I’m doing the exercises correctly.

The environment in Giulia’s gym is another appealing factor. There are people “of a certain age” with whom I have formed friendships. The teen-age and young adult who work out bring a refreshing and spirited esprit de corps to the place. An added bonus is that Giulia is upbeat, humorous and informed about matters of health –diet, sleeping pattern, and lifestyle issues.

Overall, working out in the Coaching by G gym has been a wonderful plus in my life.”

–Joe McDonald


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