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Client Spotlight: W.A.

I’ve just returned to training with Coach G after taking a three-year break during which I had a baby. I was working with her for about a year before that. I couldn’t be happier to be back. I never thought that I’d be working out consistently, much less with personal training and advice. But it is not an exaggeration to say that training with Coach G has had a huge positive impact on my physical and mental health.

Although I was an athlete in high school and early college, fitness became less of a priority for me as I started my career. I have not had much success joining other gyms–I always felt lost and unmotivated and quit soon after. Although I was worried that, in my late 30s, I wouldn’t be “sporty” enough to start training, I should not have been. Coach G met me at my level both when I first started training and again post-pregnancy. I’ve never once felt embarrassed at her gym. Instead, Coach G, her assistants, and the other gym members have only made me feel welcome and motivated. 

Coach G truly cares about her clients. And a big part of her success as a coach is her unique personality. She uses just the right combination of humor, kindness, and personal commitment to push you to do more than you thought you could.  She has helped me stretch into exercises I didn’t think that I could handle (dead lifts! bench press!). After my first year of training, I was stronger and more confident. My strength, stamina, and overall better health were noticeable day-to-day. Since coming back, after just a few weeks I already feel better in body and mind. I can’t wait to keep working!” – W.A., Coach G client

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