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Client Spotlight: Susan Campbell

50+ ballet

From the age of 12 and into college I considered myself serious about ballet.  I took advanced classes, performed, and taught ballet during college. Then my life went another direction (marriage, jobs, different locations) and sadly, dance was no longer a part of it—90 mph to zero very quickly.  But my love for ballet never left me.

Fast forward 40 years—to age 61.  With more control over my schedule, I decided to take up ballet again.  I began with the 50+ ballet classes to reacclimate to pretty much everything. Did my feet really ever point? Was I ever actually able to fold myself flat with legs straight out? Was I once able to raise and hold my leg that high? Yes, yes, and yes–but I now had a totally different, MUCH older body with very different capabilities.

Granted, I expected some aches and pains as I got older but there was a nagging pain in my right hip area.  The pain was inhibiting my range of motion to the point that I felt like I was relegated to the 50+ ballet classes–forever.  I even thought I might be heading toward a hip replacement. That was a scary thought that I tried to keep very small–and very quiet in my mind. But pain has a way of commanding your attention.

50+ ballet classes

Enter Coach G.  After a careful assessment, Giulia felt confident that my pain was not due to my hip but rather, a very tight and out of balance psoas muscle.  Since I now live in the DC area Coach G began writing “remote” programming for me. This service is amazing for anyone who can’t get into her gym but still needs a caring, responsive, brilliant coach.  My customized program began with stretching and strengthening exercises that were very specific to my issue.   

In a relatively short amount of time my hip pain eased and then–poof—it was gone.  With my pain gone, my fitness goal changed from pain abatement to stronger dancing. Coach G adjusted my programming to help me build strength (needed for quick footwork and jumps), flexibility (essential) and stamina.

I am now 63 and I take three to four fairly advanced ballet classes every week and am no longer relegated to the “seniors’” classes.  I am still in love with ballet and feel strong and flexible. I look forward to every class and leave very sweaty, pink-in-the-face and most importantly…so, so happy.  

Thank you, Coach G.” – Susan Campbell, Arlington VA

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