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About the Coronavirus…

Coach Giulia Isetti

Dear Coaching by G Community,

The health and welfare of our clients and our coaches is always the top priority.  Coronavirus is a profound concern for many people in our community. We want to let our members know what measures we are taking and more importantly what steps each of you can take to help prevent the spread of the virus.

We have stepped up cleaning efforts and are disinfecting equipment and wiping down surfaces with alcohol-based cleaners.  

The most essential means to preserve a healthy environment in the studio will come from the behaviors, actions, and decisions of all of our members.  We ask that you diligently adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms, do not come to Coaching by G.
  2. If you are exposed to anyone who is experiencing flu-like symptoms please do not come to Coaching by G.
  3. Thoroughly wash your hands prior to and following each training session.  Use alcohol-based hand sanitizers after washing your hands.
  4. Avoid touching your face during training.  Use the hand towels provided or paper towels to wipe away perspiration.  
  5. Wipe down the equipment with disinfecting wipes. 
  6. Remain strict with your sleep, nutrition, and stress management practices.  These are non-negotiable.
  7. Do not travel. 
  8. Take Vitamin C. I recommend 3g-5g  3Xdaily during this period of time. 

At this time we do not anticipate making any changes to our general operations including the days and hours of operation.  We are fortunate to be a small and select group of athletes training in a smaller space. Please honor our community with your own commitment to safe and healthy practices. 

Every obstacle is an opportunity.  If your travel has been canceled for any reason, use it as an opportunity to develop some of the healthful habits

This may be a great opportunity to slow down and double down on the new year’s resolutions that have drifted away…

Please see our Instagram posts for more tips on staying healthy not just during a crisis, but always.

Stay Strong!

In health,

Giulia Isetti, Ph.D.

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