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Client Spotlight: Cat B.

I’ve been working with Giulia for around 9 months now, and I’m so grateful to have her in my life. We’ve never even met in person! Though we’re based in different states, we meet weekly via Zoom, and I always look forward to our appointments. Even over the phone, Giulia’s enthusiasm for life is contagious, even – or perhaps especially – on those days when I’d rather go crawl in a hole. After a bad day or a bad week, one hour with her is like fueling up at the gas station, giving me a boost of energy to help me climb back out of my hole and continue on my journey.

I think most of Giulia’s clientele seek her out for her specialty in physical training, but my sessions with her are centered around spiritual healing, breaking down limiting beliefs, and rebuilding my life and career from the ground up. Having Giulia as my life coach has helped me through quitting the numerous depression and anxiety medications that were hurting more than helping, then quitting my addictions one by one, and confronting the self-destructive habits keeping me from living my best life.

She urges me to define what I want and let go of the rest. She calls me out when I’m clinging to limiting beliefs and helps me turn them around. She’s taught me the value of gentle routine, and has stood by my side like a radical self-love cheerleader as I begin to lay the foundations of my new sober life. She relates to me on many levels and creates an atmosphere of trust and understanding. She never forces anything on me; rather, she presents options and graciously has my back on whatever I choose. She is full of knowledge and book references, resources and advice, but most of all, Giulia is bursting with a wealth of judgement-free encouragement that I wish I could pack into a bottle and carry with me everywhere I go.

In a word, Giulia is awesome. Five out of five stars. Highly recommend. If you’re on the fence, just do it. I love her, and I’m pretty sure you will too.” – Cat B. 

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