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Patterns, Can You See?

Patterns, can you see?

Several months ago during the first cohort of my digital course, Fit From Within, 

a client in the course who has been a client of mine in some capacity on and off for over 15 years, reminded me that I used to have a fitness class that everyone loved.  We laughed a lot and worked hard.  I love the format of that class and it was all body weight work.  We had no objects to use, just our bodies.  We sweated and we laughed and we stretched.  We wove our way to the mat to find savasana, finally.  We rested after we worked. We allowed the joy of movement to sink into our minds, our bodies and our spirits, through a very intentional resting pose.

I recently resurrected the class and have been offering a version of it to current members at my gym on Saturdays at 9 AM. (Just show up with $25 cash if you want to join us!)

It is different now because we add weights and because I don’t do the workout with everyone, which, maybe I should? 

I am open to developing a meaningful community experience.

During class last week, someone brought up astrology (could have been me) and I was explaining what little I know about rising signs, how it can help us know our motivations, and another person commented “its all hooey”.

That sort of unsolicited negative energy is not only unwelcome, it is disturbing.

I truly don’t care if a person believes in astrology.  What I know is that astrology offers a mirror in which we can see ourselves and any person who is reluctant to look in the mirror will have a negative approach to not only astrology but to most things. Astrology offers a snapshot of the stars the moment we take our first breath.  When you were born, the stars aligned. Famed Astrologer, Chani Nicholas says:

  • “The First Key: Your Sun (Your Life’s Purpose)
  • The Second Key: Your Moon (Your Physical and Emotional Needs)
  • The Third Key: Your Ascendant and Its Ruler (Your Motivation for Life and the Steersperson of Your Ship)”

You can go to her website to download your birth chart.

The earth revolves around the sun.  The moon mirrors the sun and reflects its light.  The ocean is pushed and pulled through by gravitational force of the moon.  If you imagine that the ocean is affected by the moon, but you are not, what do you even mean? The menstrual cycle is a moon cycle.  Every single thing in our universe is affected by gravity and the moon and the sun.  Except you?

You needn’t believe in anything.  You can go on assuming that you have no purpose on earth. It seems to me, though,  that each of us is not here by accident.  How is it that you can look up at the stars and see constellations, patterns, year after year, even when stars die or burn up, the constellations go on forever and ever.  How is that sort of order an accident?  Why is it that most people identify with their horoscope in some way?  Most people find solace in feeling understood and in finding ways to understand themselves better in relationship with the universe.  But, clearly, some people do not.

I find human behavior, like astrology, fascinating.  I am curious about people.  I like to understand how everything works, hence I earned my PhD in Biochemistry/Chemistry. I am a student of nature and so I look to the natural world for understanding.  I love to garden and learn my land and the things it grows.  Ever heard of fractals? Repeating patterns in nature.  They are everywhere from ferns to sunflowers to nautilus shells, to lungs.  The lungs are a great example of fractals.  It you look at the pattern of the capillaries in lungs they are just repetitive patterns, like tree branches.  The physical world precisely represents the emotional, mental, and spiritual worlds.  As above so below.  A person can only project their insides outward. 

Thich Nhat Hanh told a story about a monk wishing to meditate away from others.  He takes a boat and goes to the middle of a lake. He closes his eyes and begins to meditate.  After a few hours of uninterrupted silence, he suddenly feels and hears a bumping of another boat hitting his.

He keeps on with his practice, with his eyes still closed, slightly disturbed though by the interruption of silence. He then feels the bump again. Now, his thoughts rise and an irritation stirs within him. His anger rises to the point that he cannot contain it any longer. He is ready to shout at the boatman “who dares to disturb my meditation!”

However, when he opens his eyes, all that he sees is an empty boat, just floating in the middle of the lake…   At that moment, the monk achieves self-realization and understands that anger is within him; it simply needs to hit an external object to provoke it.

After that, whenever the monk met someone or something that irritated or provoked his anger, he remembered: “Its just an empty boat…The anger is inside me.”

Anyway—like I said, I don’t care what you believe in.  When you share your insides, though, consider what you are revealing?  You don’t have to hold on to that pain any longer and you don’t have to walk with that pain alone. And, you do not have to use my space as a hard object to provoke your anger. 

We are all here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness. 

If you want to discover your own patterns, to look at yourself in new ways and to discover your own true nature, join me in my life’s work. I help people make the great journey of no distance from their head to their heart. My digital course Fit From Within is a course I developed through my years of learning and healing myself.  Fit From Within offers practical wisdom and deep compassionate enquiry as a means of self discovery and finding ones own path forward.

I love to help people put down their past pains, open their hearts to healing, and discover the gifts they have to give the world.  

Join me LIVE for 2 hour workshops delving into the material in my course. The workshops are designed as a companion, an enrichment, to the course, not a substitution. 

Saturdays 2-4 pm at 48 Lake Street, Oak Park, IL 60302

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Fit From Within is not just about external goals; it’s about shifting your relationship with yourself. 

Throughout our journey, you’ll have access to:

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As you commit to the process, you will unlock the potential within yourself and witness the profound impact of your dedication and determination. Remember, the true transformation lies in the commitment you make to yourself.

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