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plane ride family size bag of Doritos and drinking soda

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On a plane home to Chicago, there is a child, about 10 years old, across the aisle eating a family size bag of Doritos and drinking soda while plugged into a video game device AND watching a movie on another device. Yes, 2 separate devices. Licking his fingers and then rubbing his hands under his armpits. I’m leaving New Mexico where I got a luscious tan.  

This child is the color of larva and his top jaw jutting over bottom, a sign of mouth breathing. 

He’s not overweight, but shows no sign of muscle.  He is pudgy, and has now finished the entire bag. He is looking restlessly for the next distraction In addition to the two devices and the sugary soda.

The gentleman next to me is, I’m guessing, a marketing consultant for Abbott labs? He has his computer open to a pamphlet that originally caught my attention, as a PhD biochemist, because it appeared at the top as a scientific peer reviewed article; alas it’s a brochure. It’s for physicians— god bless us all if this becomes the standard. I’m sure in fact that it has become, IS, the standard of education. Marketers and insurance companies feed “information “ loosely based on facts to physicians who then sell it to their hapless sick patients who come to them for solutions.

His brochure is a dual advertisement. I want to take a picture but it seems not cool. 

It talks about how chemoradiation for esophageal cancer patients can cause weight loss. Duh.

How about esophageal cancer could really make it hard to eat, swallow or digest anything. 

It lists all the cancers and a chart of how weight loss is a marker for decreased life span, how weight loss is always muscle loss…..the only actual fact I note here.  Information like this – WEIGHT LOSS IS ALWAYS MUSCLE LOSS- is delivered in our culture AFTER you have developed cancer, not before.

But, hey……they have the solution: take our magic potion!!!  Ensure max protein. 30 whole grams of protein and vitamins and minerals.

It comes in 5 artificial flavors.

See if you can identify ANY ingredients as food. It claims high quality protein sources and lists theses as milk and soy.  Full of seed oils and artificial gums.

Good grief! 

It says recommend a nutrition plan before treatment starts.

You mean like this kid? 

Like Doritos and pop?

This kid is fast tracking his esophageal cancer. 

Full circle selling disease and cure. The cure they are selling, ensure, is basically a liquid version of Doritos and pop.  They went ahead and ground it down for you so you don’t even have to chew your poison.


Don’t start paying attention now. 

This culture will remove you from the earth and anything natural including your own body and then sell you the solution piecemeal, pills, surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy, artificial meal replacements, and literally anything so that you won’t look up from your tv and fast food…….

30 grams of protein is listed as 50% daily requirement 

For whom?



This kid is never going to develop muscle to maintain.

Pharma is not just making pills.

They are making “shakes “ giving sciency nutrition advice and selling it all through the most credible Salesforce ever: physicians.

Perhaps, I am jaded 

And still, I’m just reporting the weather here.

If you no longer accept the standards that are being sold to you, you might be interested in the work I do. My work is leading people back to the land, back themselves, back to the inner guidance systems that are inherit.  

Join the next Cohort of Fit From Within.  Come to the LIVE sessions in my studio!


From my heart to yours,

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