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Dieting Sucks! Part 1

Dieting sucks!

Diets are designed to fail.  If everyone succeeded on a diet, the diet industry would be bankrupt.  Americans spend billions of dollars each year in the diet industry. There is no such thing as one way to lose weight. The pharmaceutical industry is even catching on to this.  In cancer research, we have been addressing individuality for quite a while–there is no one chemotherapy treatment for all cancers or even for all breast cancers.

We are all unique. We each have foods that work for us and foods that work against us.  Those foods are different for everyone.  We all have different acceptable portions of the foods that work for us or against us. (Yes, foods like alcohol, ice cream and pizza pretty much don’t work for anybody–but how much they work against you is unique to you!)

Begin by finding the foods that fuel you the best. The best way to do that is simply take notice of how you feel after meals–the day or night of, and the following day.  If you feel gassy or bloated after a meal, then what you ate was not good fuel for you.  If you wake up the night after a pasta dinner hoping to run a personal best race but instead you feel sluggish and bloated, then pasta is not your fuel.  Sound too simple?  Your body is elegantly designed to give you feedback–whether you listen or not is up to you.

Once we establish the right fuels for you then we can design a program that addresses your individual goals whether it be to lose/gain weight, race a personal best, build more muscle. We can work together with nutrition counseling to find the best fuel for you!

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