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Back to School

So, you’ve had a GREAT summer!? Everything is easier in the summer; getting dressed, exercising, eating. But, OH NO……..School is starting, the weather is getting a little cooler, and everything changes. The school schedule is grueling, the work schedule is unyielding and now you are getting home later and later from work. Its dark when you wake and dark when you get home!

The food in your house is now geared toward easy breakfasts, school lunches, and quick dinners.  What happened to all the fresh fruit and veggies from farmers market? When you go to the big grocery store, the initial aisles are stocked and overflowing with Halloween candy and it’s not even October.  IT starts. The downward spiral.  Ending around January 3, 2012 when the damage will have been done 🙁

UNLESS……we are vigilant and hold strong to the great foundation laid during the summer months.

Join me at Coaching by G for a great fall of nutrition counseling, personal training, fitness classes; a total wellness package that is personalized to meet your schedule, your goals, and the demands of your life.

Stay tuned to the website or give me a call to find out what we are doing that will fit into your schedule and your lifestyle!

Stay strong!!!
In wellness,
Dr. G

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