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Winter Cycling Series Begins December 5!

Are you ready?  – – At Body by G Coaching by G we believe that training needs to be specific to the individual.  Training in a group can be difficult because we are a competitive species. It can be tempting in a group to try to mimic the instructor or the person who appears to be the most fit.  Frequently this is where form is lost for the sake of just pushing through.

We can all do work.  My nonna (granny) and I can both do the same workout–we can each perform 2000kj of work.  I can do it in 2 hours, it might take her 2 weeks.

How LONG it takes you to do the work determines how good you are.
Just ask the swimmer who lost her race by 1/100th of a second:)

So, what’s the point of training with specificity?

First of all, its YOUR training plan.  My Approach to training is always all about YOU.  Your heart rate or even better, your power.  You have to test your functional power to determine a specific training plan.  At Body by G in the winter cycling course we spend December in Base camp, building your aerobic engine. In January we test your engine to determine your functional power.  We are training in a group, but the training is based on your individual threshold so that we all do the same workout, but at our individual level.   We fine tune your riding all the way through March so that you hit your spring training ready to SPRING into action.

Training with specificity makes you the best YOU can be.

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