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Tiny Losses, Big Spikes and Why the Scale Is Not Your Friend


Every morning, you repeat the same drill with your scale. Step on the scale, step off the scale. Based on what today’s number says, you’ll also probably either growl at the scale or smile at the scale too.

One of the biggest questions my clients have prior to working with me is: “How come I can only lose a tiny bit for a few days and then I watch it all go away in one day when my weight shoots back up? It’s so frustrating!”

Boy, that scale sure has a hold on you, doesn’t it?

Instead, I want you to try something different from now on: Weigh yourself once a week or even once every two weeks.

If you must weigh yourself every day, use the average of your weight across 7 days rather than living and dying by what the scale tells you every day.

It’s time to break this routine with one simple truth: The scale is not going to be your friend every day, for reasons that are more complex than you realize.

Real-World Reasons Why the Scale is Not Your Friend

Let me explain. In your body, you have sophisticated, enzymatic reactions going on that you’re not even fully aware of. Take sugar as an example – it’s what we call hygroscopic. Its job is to hold onto water. If we left sugar on the kitchen counter, it would turn into a brick because it absorbs water from the air. Similarly, in food chemistry, we use sugar to bind water and create moisture.

My point? Sugar by its nature could account for a couple extra pounds of “water weight” even though you stayed within your calorie range for the day!

It’s more realistic to understand that we all run on different fuel combinations. Some people don’t process carbohydrates very well while others may do better with more carbohydrates.

Where to Start

How do we figure out what works best with our bodies so we can run them closer to the machines they’re supposed to be? Start by eliminating certain foods for a limited period of time and then adding some foods back into the diet. As you add these foods back in, take note: What makes you feel bloated or gassy? Are you experiencing excessive heartburn or indigestion?

Any food that makes you feel like this is probably not appropriate for you.

“Sounds like I could use both a nutritional counselor and personal trainer.”
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