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Introducing: Coach G’s Book Club!

I have some exciting plans, and I want you to join me!  The holidays are right around the corner. This year, let’s get ready for them together. Staying healthy through the holidays is possible with mindful preparation. Let’s be AWARE together.

So… It’s time to unveil Coach G’s Book Club!

Date: Sunday, October 30th
Time: 2 pm
LocationOak Park Public Library
Book: “Rising Strong” by Brené Brown
Snacks: Provided by yours truly. (I’m a chef!)
Cost: FREE!

GUESS WHAT? You don’t have to read the book if you don’t have the time. You’ll still get something meaningful out of this book club discussion, as we all talk about her ideas in the context of our own lives. (And if you have time for the Cliff Notes version, a quick summary of the book is available here.)

Why book club? I am bringing my business to the next level. As you know, my Ph.D., nutrition knowledge, chef experience, and athletic training enable me to offer more than just a “personal training” experience. I’m your resource, your coach for life; I think it’d be a lot of fun to start here as a group, share experiences and ideas, and create a community of support for your goals.

Questions? Email me or my assistant, Jamie.

I’m really excited to start this journey, and I hope you’ll join me!

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