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Finding Strength, Prioritizing Your Life in Fitness

We’re four weeks out from the beginning of the CrossFit Open; I am reflecting on almost a year of training in preparation for this event. Anyone familiar with my journey knows that the last two years have been a time of transformation in my life. The specific events are less important than the course of change I have chosen. I reflect upon recognizing certain weaknesses in myself and asking myself the hard questions of staying or leaving, accepting or changing. These questions have appeared again and again over the last two years.

Acknowledging my weaknesses allows me to become strong again.

Mary Oliver writes in her new book Upstream “ The most regretful people on earth are those that felt the call …..who felt their own power restive and uprising and gave it neither power nor time.” When you recognize or acknowledge a weakness in yourself do you see that as something to simply accept about yourself (“It’s just the way I am”) or do you see that as a starting point for work?

She goes on to say “So quickly, without a moment’s warning, does the miraculous swerve and point to us, demanding that we be its willing servant.”

We must rise and accept the challenge.

I am blessed because every day in my work I get to help people transform themselves. I help people see the way to change. I help them clear a place at the table of life for themselves. So many people who are suffering with being over fat/underfit/over stressed are suffering because they have lost their place.

We all need to recognize that the time we make IS what we value. If you make time for everyone else but not for you…then you value everyone else, but that you do not value yourself. If you work all the time–guess what you value? If you talk about money all the time….etc., GET IT?

I know what I value because that is where I spend my time. If we agree that we only get one shot at this (life!) then it begs a few questions; what do you want to accomplish? What do you LOVE more than anything? What are you doing to be in the process of living toward the answers to those last two questions?

It takes time to distinguish what we want and what we want changes over time. It is important to revisit the questions often. And if you are just dancing as fast as you can without asking the questions……guess what you value?

George Mumford said that we live in this society that values MORE. But what if instead of saying “Don’t just sit there, DO something! We say don’t just do something, sit there.” Listen to that still small-voice that answers the questions about what you love more than anything, and what would you do if time space and money were not an issue…..

It is only your voice that can answer those questions. All of this is deeply personal.

And if we agree that this is all we get…then BE MINDFUL. Meditate. Live TOWARD what makes you feel ALIVE and discover your bliss!

Oh and one more thing: It’s my job to keep reminding you of the priorities you have and help you realize them! I feel the most alive when I am teaching others about their bodies through biochemistry, fitness and nutrition. I am filled with joy each time I discover something new about my body through my own training, through pushing myself in ways I never thought possible. I am adapting to the forces I apply and living toward being my best self.

Four weeks out from the CrossFit open competition and…….I will be competing in an arena I’ve never stepped into before. I am excited to learn about myself through this competition.

Remember, I never lose……I either win or learn!

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