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A Story, A Lesson, Your Goals

I was attending an event for one of my athletes the other day; cheering them on and seeing them in action is really meaningful. While I was watching, someone else on the team came up to me to ask me a question.

“Do you know what program [this athlete] is on?

I laughed… “Yeah, I train him!

His teammate looked at me and asked, “How’s he getting that score??? What is he doing? Do you know what his plan is?!?”

But I had to reply, “Yes! He’s doing a program that I created for him.”

His fellow teammate wanted to know how to achieve the results my athlete was seeing. But it isn’t about doing a certain type or amount of lifts or squats or rowing or running or swimming…..

When I create individual programs, it’s about knowing where each athlete is right now, and where they need to be based on their goals. Everyone’s program is specifically geared towards them.

Knowing how another athlete trains may seem like the secret to success, but everyone is different. Individual design is FOR you, ABOUT you, based on where you are, what you do, and where you want to go.

Programs are based on several specific factors. A physical assessment, including measurements of strength, speed, power, and mobility comes into play. We examine your strengths and weaknesses, and work around them and with them.

You don’t train like Michael Jordan to become Michael Jordan, or everyone would do it. You need your own program based on you, who you are, how you move, what you need, and your stated goals.

Most people don’t know where they are. And that’s fine, we just need to test. But in order to get to where you need to go, you have to plug in a destination, as well as an initial location. That’s the real power behind individual design. We find where you are, and get you where you need to be. And consistent action equals consistent results.

Let’s get in the studio and test where you are, and talk about where you want to be. Sign up for a free consultation today.

– G

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