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Client Spotlight: Casey Ford

Casey Ford – an OPRF senior heading off to Lafayette Colleg in the fall – wrote this:

“I started working out with G when I was in 5th grade, at about ten years old. I was born with a very rare connective tissue disorder, and the most impactful fact of that disorder on my physical health is my lack of kneecaps. I worked with G up until around early high school. I began walking with a cane because of my disorder, and mentally I struggled with it. I convinced myself it was better to just sit down and do nothing, I accepted the inevitability of my loss of motion.

That’s morphed through high school. I understand my limitations better now, and I understand how I can counteract them, but I also understand that I can never get back to where I was as an elementary aged child, climbing around like a monkey and running around playing tag.

I CAN work to make myself stronger, to make walking easier, and to lessen my chronic pain. And that’s exactly what G and I are working on together.

She’s a pain in the ass, but nothing will happen without resistance. My legs have been getting stronger, I’ve been learning more about proper dieting, I’ve been paying more attention to my overall health. Most importantly, I’m held accountable to show up and work out. She listens and pays attention to my limits, we try different things to get around my chronic pain, it’s a great partnership, and I’m thankful that I have it.”

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