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Client Spotlight: William Godellas

I’m William Godellas, a 14 year old baseball player who struggles with engaging in a lot of things. I started working with Giulia a little over a year now, and I have no words to describe how life-changing her program has been for me.

The original reason I started at Coaching by G was to gain weight. I came in for my consultation at age 13, 5’0 and 80 pounds. Gaining weight had been hard for me as I never had an appetite and had always been a picky eater. Flash forward a year, and I am 5’9, 125 pounds. Her personalized workout plans and dietary help has been outstanding for me. Not only has her program helped me physically, however, it has also done so much for me mentally.

When school got tough, with studying habits and sleep, Giulia was always there to guide me and help me succeed. I know that if I were to ever need advice for anything, Giulia would always be there for me. Not only her, but the community that she has developed inside her studio. You cannot always pick and choose your clients, but Giulia’s clients all feel like family.

I struggle with social anxiety, and the other clients have always made me feel welcome and safe in her studio. Working with Giulia has helped me so much with my social skills it is crazy, I would have never thought that going to work out with a bunch of random people could feel so welcoming and safe. I also suffer from depression, and most days it is hard to get out of bed. It is a struggle getting myself to do things that I love, which I never thought I would ever admit to. Giulia has created an environment that, sure, it is hard for me to actually get there, but once I am there it is amazing. It always makes my day being around people that support me and want to see me succeed in life, no matter what I will end up doing. So sure, I do enjoy being confident in my body and watching myself grow physically, but the strides I have made mentally and emotionally thanks to Coaching by G is outstanding. Seeing yourself accomplish a lift on Instagram is so cool and rewarding. Other people just see it as that, some person successfully lifting a bar, but when you watch it yourself when it is you on that screen, you know there is so much more to it than just a bar and some weights.

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