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Client Spotlight: Joe McDonald

“I am in my 9th year as a client of Giulia at Coaching by G and in my 80th year of life. I can tell I’m an “old-timer” in her gym when I compare the cap of my Body by G water bottle with that of most of the other members. Their caps are larger and have a groove in them for their teeth. Mine does not. I would never ask for a new one and deprive myself of the status of being one of Giulia’s oldest “gym rats.”

When I look at the monthly cash outlay of my wife Madeleine and me, I sometimes wonder if the amount I pay for Giulia’s services is too much. I think of going to FFC–a fitness gym just as close to my house but in the opposite direction–because it would be less expensive. But then, I catch myself. Without the daily workouts Giulia sends me, would I have the discipline to do it on my own? No! And besides, Coaching by G workouts are tailor-made to fit my particular needs.

Also, at a place like FFC, I wouldn’t experience the wonderful ambiance found in Giulia’s gym–old and young working out together. It is particularly gratifying to follow the progress of the young people who are under Giulia’s tutelage–how they soak up her guidance about physical fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle.  She also keeps track of their progress in school. I always marvel at how these teenage boys and girls lift weights that are far beyond their weight…and way beyond what I can lift. I love the relationships I have developed with some of them.

I quote one of my wife’s favorite sayings: “At our age, we only want life-enhancing activities.” 

Going to Body by G is one of them for me.” – Joe McDonald


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