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Client Spotlight: Michael F. Hennessey

Michael F. Hennessey

“I can’t believe that I’ve known G for almost 9 ½ years.  My wife Kathie met G about 11 years ago when G instructed a training class at the YMCA in Oak Park.  Kathie then followed her when G opened her Studio on Chicago Avenue. Kathie was so impressed with G that she purchased a training gift certificate for me as a birthday gift a few months later.  I had never worked with a personal trainer and honestly thought that her gift was a waste of money. I still remember asking G during my first session if she could just give me a list of exercises that I could do at home.  Fortunately, I soon realized the significant value of working with a personal trainer like G.

Michael F. Hennessey

Over the years we became good friends and G has always been there for Kathie and me through many good times and bad.  When I had knee replacement surgery about 8 years ago, she appropriately modified my exercise routine and helped me recover as quickly as possible.  Then about 7 years ago, Kathie was diagnosed with cancer and endured a number of surgeries and chemo/radiation treatments until she passed away about 3 ½ years ago.  During this VERY difficult time, G was always there for us with workout options, delicious meals, and ongoing encouragement.

Thank you for all you’ve done for Kathie and me over the years and here’s to ten more years as a constant beacon of encouragement and compassion.” – Michael F. Hennessey

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