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Ten Years of Life Transformation Through Fitness Coaching

What are you going to do in the year 2020!?! On January 1, 2020, Coaching by G is celebrating our 10th anniversary at 1120 Chicago Ave in Oak Park, IL. Ten years of life transformation through fitness coaching and individualized training programs!

Creating a Safe Place for Life Transformation

In 2009, I left the biotech industry because I was disappointed in a system that is driven by producing drugs. While it is in the power of chemistry to change lives, my personal and professional experience is that each of us comes equipped with our own personal biochemistry that most people rarely ever tap in to, and I wanted to create a place where people could do that. I wanted to create a place for people to feel safe to transform their lives, from sick to healthy, from overweight or underweight to right weight, from weaker to stronger, from depressed to not depressed, from whatever each individual’s “here to there” even was.

I opened a fitness training studio designed to meet people where they are with an individualized training program and coaching for every level athlete. I knew that a personal fitness regimen can change your life. A coach helping you with accountability can change your life, and help you simply show up for yourself.  

What I Mean by ‘Transforming Your Life’

“Real change happens at the level of the gesture,” Cheryl Strayed writes in her book Tiny Beautiful Things.  “It’s one person doing one thing differently than he or she did before….The work is there. It’s our task. Doing it will give us strength and clarity. It will bring us closer to who we hope to be.”

Building lifelong fitness, finding your path to achieve your full potential can happen only when you take that first step, whatever it is. And after that first step, you have to take the next step. It’s that easy. But is it? 

Making a Choice for Personal Change

It’s not about just being in the room with the movers and shakers—it’s about doing your own moving and shaking. Showing up is only the first piece. Next, you have to do the work, and the work is not just checking a box. It’s asking yourself the hard questions all the time, questions like, “What do I want?”, “Why do I want it?”, and “How will my life be different when I have it?”.

For growth and fulfillment, you actually have to answer those questions over and over and over. Globo-gyms are full of people doing the same thing over and over and over without any thought. Most people don’t change their routines until they have to, due to injury or illness–until they get a prescription. But why wait? And why would you just take a pill, rather than make the core lifestyle shift that your body is calling out for? Are infections simply a lack of antibiotics in your system? Is pain simply a lack of ibuprofen? Likely your body is looking for more than a pill. While a pill is certainly easy to take, why not stop to listen and support your body as it repairs itself? It is absolutely capable of doing so, and in fact, thrives when its needs are heard and addressed through lifestyle changes rather than a pill.

Life Transformation Through Fitness Coaching

So, how does life transformation work? First, get quiet. It requires more than one singular quiet moment, in fact I encourage you to create a daily practice of getting quiet and listening to yourself. Even one minute. It will take practice until first you are comfortable with the quiet, comfortable with the unknown, and second until the questions rise up. These are questions that we have silenced with our constant busyness, our distracting phones, our delectable scones, and our lattes and our music and our attunement to current events–the will rise up because they want to be heard! Likely they are not saying, “Give me a pill!” but probably something more like, what about my dream of being a poet, or an artist painting a landscape, or helping kids, animals, or elderly?…what about my unremitting fatigue, my constant aches, my craving for sweets?…what about my bucket list desire to run the Chicago Marathon? 

Those questions don’t go away; they just become muted by our sweets and our coffee and our craving for today’s news. Why not address the aspects of our life that are calling out to be addressed? Is that question scary? What is scarier to me is NOT addressing that. I know from experience that people who don’t address their questions, who don’t look within to see what their next easy step is, who don’t take that step, are never truly fulfilled, at ease, or in love with their own awesome selves. 

Having a coach to personally guide you through all of these steps can make healthy life transformation a reality for you. If you are ready to ask the scary questions, contact me for a free consultation.  ~ Giulia Isetti, Ph.D.

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