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Client Spotlight: Paul Knight

“So, why do you run?” That’s a question that I’ve been asked many times during my 50 years of running.  “I enjoy it,” “It makes me feel better,” and “Because I can” are some of the stock answers that I’ve used. Those answers are short and to the point but really don’t express why I’ve run over 46,000 miles, including 35+ marathons and ultra-marathons and numerous shorter races.

“So, why do you run?” That’s also a question that I’ve asked myself during that 50-year journey–especially during the last few miles of a marathon. Yes, it’s fun (some people question my definition of “fun”), and I truly enjoy it. I’ve been blessed with good health, good joints, and a passion for the sport. But over time, my desire and passion for running began to wane–sort of a “been there, done that” feeling. I also noticed that I was getting slower as I got older – go figure.

Enter Giulia. My wife started training with her and convinced me to start with her about four years ago. Running is a great physical activity but doesn’t really address the upper body or core strengthening, at least not for me. Plus, I don’t run daily so working out with Giulia was a great way to be active on those non-running days. Giulia also has a way of getting into your head–but in a good way, which makes her a great coach. In fact, I initially thought that she had a degree in psychology.

Since working out with Giulia, I do feel stronger, and that passion for running has been re-ignited. Often when I’m working out at Giulia’s, she’ll ask me “How are you doing?” My answer is always “Great!” I’m not trying to be facetious–I truly feel great. In fact, every time I walk out of her gym, I always feel better than I did before I walked in.  In a similar fashion, I always feel better, both mentally and physically, after a run than I did before the run (except for some marathons and ultra-marathons).

“So, why do you run?” I’ve always had trouble finding an answer that truly expressed my feelings to that question. Not too long ago, I came across an inspirational quote. It read, “I run because it always gets me where I’m going.” That is so true for me, on both a mental and emotional level. But I believe this quote also applies to swimming, rowing, soccer, working out to stay in shape, or any sport that you’re passionate about. But it’s also nice to have a coach like Giulia on that journey because sometimes you need help to get where you’re going.” – Paul Knight, Coaching By G Client and runner for over 50 years

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