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Teen Vision Board Workshop

Vision Board

Step into 2020 mindful of quality over quantity.

WHERE: Coaching by G Studio, 1120 B Chicago Ave, Oak Park, IL 60302
WHEN: Feb. 1, 15, and 29 – 1:30-3pm
WHO: All teens welcome. Bring a friend!

Love the feeling you get when you’re at G’s as you explore the essence of your power and depth of journey?

Participate in a series of workshops that will foster the powerful vibe that Coach G facilitates in our mind, body, and spirit.

You’ve done so much work to get to this station, how can you bring a dynamic, measured, fulfilling dimension to designing goals and visioning the building blocks that will support your adventures and best self in 2020 and beyond.

Coach G will support and facilitate the process of workshop participants as they move about in space, explore their own assumptions, gifts, questions, and coming challenges.

We’ll utilize the natural physicality of the space that is Body by G, guided by the unique leadership/mentoring/coaching gifts of Coach G. G will attend to creating an environment that fosters reflection, meditation, visioning, and action planning, telling hard truths and asking deep questions all the while.

Ever come up with a list of goals for an incoming year and, months later, wonder what happened to them? Ever see a really gorgeous collage that looked groovy and you wondered how you might make a vision board that would serve your own purpose and journey? Join us at Body By G for an intensive workshop that will start with a powerful question: what is my most cherished self? Continuing asking: What do I want to be/do and how might I get there? Finally: How do I know how I’m living, in the now, in step with who I am and where I want to be?

Vision Boarding Workshop: Come hang out with Coach G for a series of afternoon visioning sessions. this multi-afternoon affair will embody a lot of what we all love about Body By G: movement—always an impetus to thought, love, and action; reflection and meditation: without a grounded center, we can not make ground; action planning and visualizing: tangible product (Vision Board and more) that support a daily process…..

Each participant will receive a journal and create a vision board to take home.

Coach Giulia Isetti, Ph.D. leads workshops for teens about visioning that include movement and mindfulness in addition to journaling and discussing fears and hopes and dreams.

In this series of workshops, Coach G will guide teens through the process of goal setting, guiding them into a sense of confidence that they can achieve what may at first seem impossible.

Before you can achieve something, you must first be able to imagine it. A vision board provides not just an aid to the imagination but a point of focus that reminds you of your goals, your dreams, and your potential.

WHERE: Coaching by G Studio, 1120 B Chicago Ave, Oak Park, IL 60302
WHEN: Feb. 1, 15, and 29 – 1:30-3pm
WHO: All teens welcome. Bring a friend!

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