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Vision Boards WORK

Here is what two teens have said about their experience creating a vision board with Coaching by G:

“My vision board acts as a constant reminder of my goals and aspirations. I have it hanging on my door to keep me focused on what my values are. Everything is on that board for a reason, and every time I read the board it reminds me of something that I can do to make me a better, happier, and more oriented person!” – Brynne West, Mission Hockey U14 Fenwick Freshman

“Creating vision boards has been a great opportunity for me to be able to reflect on the goals I’m striving towards and things that inspire me and lay them all together in an aesthetic space. I love looking at my wall and seeing the places I want to travel, times I want to swim, quotes that inspire me, and people who make me happiest whenever I walk into my room. A vision board is even more rewarding to look at when you can take complete credit for its creation!! Vision boards work as tools to ground you in your goals as well as push you towards your dreams in all areas of your life. I love my vision board and am constantly adding new pictures on it which mirror my new goals as the years go by. Honestly, having a vision board that I made in Gs studio has been super rewarding for me and has helped change the way I approach setting goals and visualizing a future I want to create!” – Natalie Ungaretti, University of Tennessee Swimming, freshman.


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