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Best Detox Cleanse for Weight Loss?


Do you want to lose weight fast? (Who doesn’t?) Honestly, by the time you decide to change your body, you are ready for your body to be changed. Who wants to wait for what you want, when you already know EXACTLY what you want? I talk about this all the time, ad nauseam: “First you have to know what you want.” 

Well. I know what I want. I want to weigh ten pounds less, right now. This instant. You are now a marketer’s dream.  Your pain about how fat you feel is palpable. You hate your body. OK—maybe you just are not in love with it right this second.  But here’s the thing: your detox cleanse to lose weight may help you drop five pounds fast because you simply STOP doing the terrible things to your body that you had been doing: eating too much fat, too much sugar, too much period.  So, it is not about the magic powder you consume on the cleanse; it is actually about the things you stop doing.

Couldn’t you just stop doing those things? Prolly not, because those things are addictive, and you need something obsessive to obsess about while you get off the alcohol, sugar, and fat!

But that said, could I just recommend the quick fix? Sure.  

Here goes: quit eating shit. Just kidding – but not really. Here goes: Try This cleanse is actually smart! It is organic, plant-based, and delicious.  Want to enhance your sleep? Try this. Want to have better skin? Try this. Want to get started cooking for yourself but aren’t exactly sure what to buy and how to cook it? Try this! Want to feel better? Try this! This is the best detox cleanse to lose weight in 20202 and to feel great! Emphasis on feeling great.  

A cleanse is a way to support your body in getting rid of toxins.  To be honest, your body is always doing this, but sometimes it can’t keep up. Some ways to know if your body is backlogged in the detoxification process are skin eruptions, poor digestion*,  poor sleep, hormonal fluctuations, sugar cravings or excessive fatigue. These are signs that you could increase your quality of life by supporting your body through eliminating toxins and stress.

*(poor digestion includes having gas–belching or farting, heartburn, or anytime you don’t have perfect poop, and if you are not sure what that means, start by checking out Paul Chek’s blog post “Lessons from the Toilet.”)

If you are embarking on a cleanse, why not go all the way and also eat and sleep on a schedule, work out regularly, meditate, and drink far more water than you think you need. Do one scary thing a day, tell someone you appreciate them, and pause every afternoon to take a few deep breaths. As part of your cleanse, clean out one messy drawer and check one item off your to-do list that you’ve been procrastinating. Doesn’t that feel better? Here’s one more idea: enjoy your cleanse! Don’t focus on what you can’t have, don’t garner sympathy from your friends and family, don’t embrace a suffering mentality…enjoy yourself! 

When you want to create room for new clothes you clean out your closet.  Think of the body the same way. Remove the old and make way for the new and improved you!

After the cleanse, be aware of your state of mind as you return to “regular” eating, and be aware of the state of your body after you eat the foods you suspect won’t agree with your system. There’s a reason your body feels bad after you eat foods that aren’t supportive. Is it worth the price you pay—not just the temporary discomfort but the knowledge that the discomfort stems from your body working extra hard to get clean? Why not make it a life cleanse—a cleanse of your mind and a cleansing of the space around you as well? What else around you, who else around you, what thoughts inside you might be toxic?  Look around yourself, internally and externally, see what prevents clarity, and release it from your life. Then add something that makes you feel great—maybe it’s simply a new thought or maybe it’s a writing class or a pottery class or a book group or volunteering for a cause you didn’t even realize you cared about. Speaking of trying new things, check out Karen Steward-Nolan’s journey. Hire a professional coach to guide you toward living your best life. Adding something new to your life will keep you feeling useful and vital and excited and exciting, and will give you something new to talk about as you enjoy those ten pounds you no longer have.  

Want to know how to reconnect to your best life?  I can help guide you toward your greatest life goals. I can help guide your students to their greatest life goals. But most importantly, I know first-hand that the change you seek IS possible.


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