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Client Spotlight: Karen Steward-Nolan


“2020 marks a new beginning for me. I’m enthusiastically joining Body By G and I’m all in. I’m working at the studio a number of hours here and there, wherever and whenever G. needs a boost or a helping hand. At the same time, I’m jumping in as a training client, getting my body into a new sort of shape and strength–of all the fitness and health and sport I’ve engaged in throughout my life, I haven’t had much (if any) coaching on weightlifting specifically, and I’ve never had the ongoing support of a training coach. What better way to learn the forms that I’d like to be able to help the clients at the gym with than by making myself vulnerable and taking on this new practice. I’ve also launched a course of study program with ACE Fitness to fulfill a certification for a Personal Trainer.

I’m really enjoying spending time at Body By G–it’s a safe, comfortable space and every client is on their own journey, here for a reason that works for their own goals. Giulia asked me what my goals are as a coaching client, and all I could say is that I don’t want to feel pain anymore. As I’ve matured, I’ve kept rather fit, while laying off most of the heavy-duty aerobic and other conditioning that was for years part of my regimen.  That said, I’ve supplanted organized workouts with incidental exercise, long walks, push-ups, sit-ups, swimming in the summertime, and an occasional workout at the local Y. This has been a great transition for me, away from compulsory exercise, but I’m left feeling a bit out of balance. One day, my back hurts, the next, my forearm, wrist, neck, or I jump on my bike and realize how much strength and endurance I’ve lost. Last summer I developed a really tight back whilst driving back and forth to Wisconsin–go figure!

And so it’s wonderful to claim 2020 as beginner’s mind. I’ve surrendered my exercise to my coach, forfeiting even the hours of walking that I was slugging out every day, despite the fact that I had developed a nasty Neuroma in my foot as a result (more pain). One of the things my trainer told me right away is that I can’t sneak off and do a bunch of extra workouts, because, with all of the new exercise and lifting, my body would be undergoing all sorts of new learning that would require a lot of recovery time. G says that “My Neural Pathways are working very hard and need to recover”. That’s for sure–when I come home from a session with G I eat a whole lot of good food, shower, and just strut around the house feeling tall and strong–pretty awesome, I slow down my breathing and try to sit with my thoughts and how I feel. Also, I feel mysteriously spent.

As per going back to school and getting my ACE Trainer Certification, I’m particularly excited because, although a lot of the information is familiar to me, it’s been a while since I’ve sat down and studied as a student. It’s particularly worthwhile because I want very much to be a part of things here at Body by G–so it’s giving me specific focus in achieving this goal. When studying, I think about the current members of the Body by G community and how I can support them, also potential clients who may join up in the future. In my many roles in life, I’ve enjoyed working with young people, particularly during my many years teaching Physical Education, and as a parent.  More, I’ve also enjoyed working with adults and retirees in my Life Coaching and Personal Organizing Practices. In all cases, I’ve always believed that one of the biggest steps in supporting clients is meeting them where they are, listening effectively, and showing up. In my mentoring with G, I’ve found an awesome guide. When working with an athlete, G holds an incredibly safe space, one that encourages the best. And so, here’s to 2020’s launch of new beginnings and safe spaces!” – Karen Steward-Nolan

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