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Client Spotlight: Mike Collins

“Needless to say, these are trying times in every facet of our lives. Feeling cooped up is the exact opposite of spreading our wings. Thankfully, I’ve had my daily workout programming from Giulia. Not only does it remind me over the day to be healthy with my sleep and eating, but workouts themselves, even when Giulia has had to creatively program using my at-home equipment (a chair, a backpack, and my own body weight!), I’ve gotten in some great sweats! Want to forget about the state of the world for a while? Try wall sits. It’ll be difficult to think of anything but “the burn” in your quads!

Workouts, though, are a dime a dozen. Hell, they’re even less than that with hundreds of online workouts available. What makes the difference is the supervision and caring of Giulia herself. She checks in on me more than my mother! (Love you Mom!) Giulia knows that wellbeing is more than just doing exercises and she legit cares about her clients’ wellbeing *especially* in these times when she can’t check in on us in person while we are in studio. Be open to falling under her wing, and your overall health can only but improve!

Shelter-in-place and stay strong so when we all get back to the next normal its even better.” – Mike Collins

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