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“Sometimes I think about carrying a go-pro around the gym to capture the magic.  But really, I think the truth is no one else can ever experience that magic like it’s experienced between coach and client – when they are both vulnerable and open to the process. This is the thing I have no words to describe- but you know it when you are in it. It’s a gift of presence between two people fully engaged in the same pursuit for very different reasons. “ – Giulia Isetti, PhD

As we traverse this time of increased reactivity together, I am here for you. This relationship that we have built together is ours.  It is solid and full of trust. 

I am always going to tell you about the power of your body.  Data from all over the world is telling us that severe illness requiring hospitalization is much more likely in those who have underlying metabolic dysfunctions like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and hypertension.  There is a lot we cannot control—including pathogens. What we do have control over is how we treat our bodies. The actions we take every day can either support or fight metabolic dysfunction.  You have a choice in your sleep, your nutrition, your movement, and your method of mindfulness. 

Focusing on masks, spraying Lysol everywhere, and medication is like trying to kill all the sharks in the ocean so you can be safe.  There are plenty of things in the ocean that can kill you even after man kills all the sharks. We live in an ecosystem. You either create the optimum conditions for a pathogen to take over in your body or you can create conditions that support your immune system to fight pathogens.  You choose this in every action you take.  If you eat sugar and processed foods, drink alcohol, sit on the couch, worry too much, eat fast food, or don’t get quality sleep you are creating a cozy place to support the life of a pathogen. 

All organisms either adapt or die.  But we don’t thrive in a sanitized world. All the antibacterial soap has only created antibiotic-resistant bacteria.  The bacteria adapted.  

Get 8 hours of quality sleep every single night.

Get active!

Get plenty of Vitamin D3.

Eat whole foods high in protein, healthy fats, and micronutrients (macros fuel, micros heal).

Cook your own food.

Create healthy boundaries.

Regularly practice relaxation and meditation.

Stay connected to people who matter the most.

Go for walks in nature, touch the earth, grow a garden.  Getting your hands in dirt promotes serotonin production.

This pandemic can be the wake-up call for our society to focus on healthy lifestyles and I sincerely hope it is.  Practicing the above is a good start.  You know I love to talk about health and wellness and strategies for success! When you are ready to go deeper with what living your best life looks like—let’s get started. In the meantime, get some sun and start moving toward your goals.

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