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Re-opening Coaching by G Studio

remote online fitness coaching

We are currently accepting appointments for one on one training with Coach G.

The calendar is filling up.

We had planned to open the first week of June to resume the coaching program.  We will be limiting the numbers to 8 -10. And the hours may be a little different than before so stay tuned for that because the last note I received from Oak Park stated personal training only or outside group.

We have a waiver for people to sign and have the expectation that no one would enter the gym if they are ill.  We have some sanitation in place but if you are worried about becoming sick you must regulate yourself and choose where you go and what precautions you take. 

As a student of biochemistry and human physiology, I fundamentally know that taking care of your immune system is the best defense.  We live in a world full of pathogens.  The only way for pathogens to make you ill is when optimal conditions to support that pathogen exist.  You know that you only get sick when you are overtired or overstressed.  Sleep, nutrition, movement, and mindfulness are the tools I prescribe and I coach people toward living the best life possible.  

Please make the choice that is right for you.

We are ready to have a great summer lifting and promoting the fittest people on earth!

Stay strong!

In wellness,

Giulia Isetti, Ph.D.

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