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What you don’t change you choose.

During the shutdown, I had a few experiences that were really painful and I remember distinctly beginning to complain about those experiences.  And then I said to myself  “Well, Giulia, what you don’t change, you choose.“ 

So I chose to change…… and that is how I bought a commercial property for Coaching by G!



OAK PARK, IL 60302

 AUGUST 1, 2021

So…pray that the flooring arrives soon.  (lol)

For 11.5 years, I had a great relationship with my landlord because relationships are incredibly important to me.  I really see where the issues over the last year increased fear for people who already live in fear (which is many of us). 

People who have a “lack of mentality” really got out of hand (toilet paper!!!), and I hope they still have some because that is seriously crappy behavior. Yet, to different degrees, we all had our moments over the last year or so.  

The goal is not to judge others for how they respond to crises, but to notice what works for me and what doesn’t and to change what no longer works. 

I was in this frame of mind during a month-long daily breathwork meditation routine when I googled “commercial real estate oak park.” BOOM. The universe sent ONE building,  48 Lake.

It’s a building I knew of because I had shared clients with the business that had previously occupied the space: One Point Center; Aikido. There are all sorts of amazing synchronicities.  The most important one for me was that I did a meditation and I asked the spirit for a sign: a hummingbird, my mom’s favorite.  It was March in Chicago though, so I quickly reframed my question; a hawk, a cardinal, what is even possible?  But the hummingbird is a symbol of my mom.  Right after she died in August of 2019, I saw the first hummingbird at my house and it continues to visit me at the house—especially when all the zinnias are in bloom. 

So I went to the building to see it a second time, asking for the hummingbird I had already imagined there was no way spirit could deliver in March in Chicago, and I had to park a few stores east of the building.  While waiting for my dear friend Bryan Cleal, who was helping me feel solid in my decision (aka holding my hand:)) I turned toward a storefront and saw…a hummingbird! It was a single decal on a store window; almost invisible. 

BTW—this is how I bought my house too. I only looked at one house. The one I now own.  I am a girl who manifests exactly what I want. (So are you, btw—so get clear that what you have is what you asked for…all of it, things, feelings, people, etc.)

Buying a building and moving the business does not alleviate me from examining my own behaviors. I was stricken at the very beginning of this global crisis. I bought in – even momentarily—to the panic. What is it that made me feel so unsafe?  The easy answer is the virus.  But the more real answer for me is about living my life in a way that provides me a sense of certainty.  The truth is there just is no real certainty available to us, but I learned early on in my life that to avoid anxiety I needed to feel in control, and to feel in control I needed to do everything myself.

If I don’t really look at my triggers, I will land squarely back in my own convoluted belief system. 

But also I have grown immensely.  

I realize that I cannot create certainty and I realize that I cannot do everything myself. One of the most beautiful experiences of buying this building is how much I have had to rely on everyone around me to make it happen.  

The most amazing things happen when you allow yourself to ask for help! The universe throws people at you who want to help you.  I met the coolest man who puts up drywall for a living.  We talked for 2 hours under the light of the 8×8 skylight in the new gym; the light creating a halo on this man who must have been sent from God. We talked about spirituality and life and growth and what is important in this human 3-dimensional universe that we inhabit. A transcendence is offered to each of us throughout the experience of allowing each other to be who we are not what we do.  I love it when I meet people who don’t need to shove me in a box.  I want to expand into that and I realize my work with youth is what allows that to show up in the most full expression of myself.  Youth, no matter how jaded they may appear, have an internal desire to grow.  They still know that all the magic of the universe is available to them.  I am one adult in their life who sees them and hears them and holds space for them to be AS they already are.  All I want is to help them become more of how they already are. 

Becoming is a choice, and with each change, the process of curious internal reflections begins anew.  My own new path of examination is about continuing to open more fully to all that is available to me. I have found freedom in letting go of outcomes.  Letting go of each experience makes room for the next experience to happen. Letting go of anticipation, regret, and resistance allows for spontaneous creation.  When I let go of my own interpretation the man who does drywall can be all of who he is and my intuition comes in loud and clear about the next steps for my journey. I know that I will know exactly what to do next; freedom rises like the phoenix from the flame of the past. I trust in the guidance I am always receiving from the universe/Spirit/God/Nature. Whatever you call it—it is guiding you, and you have access to that guidance when you ask for it and accept it.

I have huge dreams.  My life’s work, as it turns out, is with children – who knew!  I want to create a new place at 48 Lake for children to grow and learn how to listen to the clear voice of their own intuition and creativity that comes from being fully present whether in movement or meditation. 

There is no one way to be in the world.  There is only now and you are only you at this moment.  In the very next moment you have already changed—in an instant, a thought, a blink, you are new. Resurrection is a practice whether we participate or not.

“Say that your main crop is the forest
that you did not plant,
that you will not live to harvest.”
– Wendell Barry

This is my goal. In my work with children, I know inherently what I offer is intangible.  I may teach them weightlifting, competition mindset, meditation, breathwork, visioning, any number of things but what I really offer is not a thing and I may never see the full growth.

I can only offer what a person is willing to receive.

My gifts are sometimes realized years down the road.  I received a text from a young man I trained when he was 16, who out of the blue, at the time of his college graduation told me that something I said changed his life in the most meaningful way. I will never know what I said.  I am just the channel. 

Coaching is a partnership and with each person it is unique.  

Coaching is the chemistry of human interactions. 

Coaching is not about what I have achieved. 
Coaching is about sharing what I have learned in a way that is meaningful to others. I don’t want my clients to be like me.  I want my clients to become the best version of themselves and to constantly challenge themselves to the next level.

We are not here to do things.  We are here to become ourselves.

What you become is always up to you. There is no formula for becoming great other than learning to listen to your soul.

I can teach you to hear the voice of your calling but only if you are up for hearing yourself speak. 

Please join us in the new space as we grow and become all that we can become, together.

Stay strong!

In health,


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