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Client Spotlight: Lucy Goodwin and Lynn Scheir

three women (one older, one middle age, one younger) stand in a gym entry way wearing work out clothing. a dog is in the foreground.

Lucy Goodwin, 18, and her grandmother Lynn Sheir are both Coaching by G clients:

Lucy says “I came to G at 14 because of a recommendation from my grandma. I was skinny and knew I needed to be stronger to compete at the highest level. I had been in a place where my anxiety was at a high and I felt stuck in my sport. The gym has become the place where I burn off all my steam. Working with G has been such a benefit to my body and mind. I no longer struggle with anxiety and I am sure of my goals.

There were times where I struggled to push myself to lift heavier or leave whatever comfort zone I was in. She knew the push I needed to escape mediocrity and be exceptional in weightlifting and life. You often will hear her say, “get your ass under the bar” or “add weight” regardless of how hard you thought the last lift was. I no longer doubt myself. I’m persistent regardless of challenge or failure. I’m now confident in all aspects of my life.”
Lynn says “So, you think you’ll receive strength training from G? Well yes, but so much more. Strength for all facets in life is more like it:  goal setting and follow through, health and nutrition counseling, and life coaching – pushing through adversity with G’s guidance and humor. My granddaughter, Lucy, has been a fixture in G’s aura for all 4 years of high school and she never needed encouragement to get to the gym.  Lucy is on track for further success in college thanks to G.
  “The ones who are willing to encourage others are true earth angels””

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