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Success is a journey, not a destination. And Coaching by G is about being there for you throughout your journey. In this blog, Coach Giulia not only shares fitness training and nutrition tips but motivation and personal stories for inspiration.

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Have you been unable to create a schedule that keeps you moving toward your goals?  Has it been challenging to set up a home workout space? Are you watching too much TV or spending too much time online? Eating the wrong foods or too much of even the right foods? Sitting too long and feeling stiff? Are you simply uninspired?

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In the midst of this global crisis, the uncertainty is real for everyone.  Embrace the here and now by improving your life, regardless of the situation.  Your new habits will accompany you into the future. Now is the time to create them, with the motivation and guidance of an experienced, inspiring coach.

Client Spotlight: Michelangelo D’Agostino

“Giulia’s training is invaluable to me, especially during this time when we’re all stuck in our houses. She creates custom, at-home workouts for me that I know I would never put together myself. And she holds me accountable when I think that I’m too busy or too tired to do them. G’s training is going to help me get through this.” – Michelangelo D’Agostino

About the Coronavirus…

Coach Giulia Isetti

Dear Coaching by G Community,

The health and welfare of our clients and our coaches is always the top priority.  Coronavirus is a profound concern for many people in our community. We want to let our members know what measures we are taking and more importantly what steps each of you can take to help prevent the spread of the virus.

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Keeping Healthy Habits During a Pandemic


“A journey of a thousand steps must begin with a single step.” Lao-tzu

In light of the current situation with the COVID-19 viral scare, a piece about healthy habits – and specifically keeping healthy habits during a pandemic – is just what the doctor ordered. As a PhD Biochemist, I am up to date on the available literature regarding the virus and know a lot about viruses in general.  Without going into the mechanisms of viral infection, I would love to remind everyone that the best defense is a great offense–especially in the case of a virus. If you are healthy, your job is to stay healthy. If you are unfortunately in the midst of an illness, especially cancer treatment and any and all respiratory illness, please follow the orders from your attending physician.  This blog is not intended to be a cure recommendation; it is a reminder to maintain or begin or keep healthy habits that support your immune system.

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Client Spotlight: Karen Steward-Nolan


“2020 marks a new beginning for me. I’m enthusiastically joining Body By G and I’m all in. I’m working at the studio a number of hours here and there, wherever and whenever G. needs a boost or a helping hand. At the same time, I’m jumping in as a training client, getting my body into a new sort of shape and strength–of all the fitness and health and sport I’ve engaged in throughout my life, I haven’t had much (if any) coaching on weightlifting specifically, and I’ve never had the ongoing support of a training coach. What better way to learn the forms that I’d like to be able to help the clients at the gym with than by making myself vulnerable and taking on this new practice. I’ve also launched a course of study program with ACE Fitness to fulfill a certification for a Personal Trainer.

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Client Spotlight: Rob Bartlett


“I became a client of Giulia two years ago.  I was planning a long, cross country bike ride and my wife was convinced that I would die on some steep ride through the mountains and my answer was to say that I would sign up with a physical trainer to prepare for the ride (five months in the future).  It was a bit of a dodge on my part as I had assumed that my years of putting in thousands of miles of riding along with merely riding day by day during the trip would get me into shape as the ride progressed.

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A Valentine’s Day Gift to Yourself

Are you SO excited to head to the gym to train? And are you SO excited to embark on a healthful eating plan? I didn’t think so.  For most people—those people who are not trainers or competitive athletes or both, for instance—going to the gym is a chore, and eating what’s “good” for you is a chore. Rather than feeling the benefits of the workout (in advance) or the delight of your body (in advance) it is much easier to focus on what you can’t eat, or what you can’t do…or how strenuous the workout is going to be? That’s old programming.

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